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The China Trip Diary: Day 3

Day 3: Meeting the Binjiangers. As my eyes slowly explore the possibility of opening, I become aware of the sound of car horns beeping.  My eyes compromise with a half open state as the morning light pours through our window, and I can just about

The China Trip Diary: Day 1 & 2

So as you’ll all be aware, Kane and I were invited out to China for a week.  We’ve been inundated with people asking as to why we were out there, what we meant by our vague definition of: ‘on business’.  So, we thought what better

The Big Giraffe Recruitment Drive

Due to the rapid growth we are currently experiencing and the business relationships we are forming all around the world, Giraffe is expanding very quickly. To enable us to cope with this growth we’re having a big recruitment drive, so if you feel you were

Giraffe is off to China!

Around a month ago, the phone rang and it was the managing director (Lisa) of a company from China who we’d been speaking with about our social media management services.  Happy with the proposal, we began to discuss the different elements of the package that

Giraffe Social Media: You’re Hired

As you are probably well aware of, this year we were lucky enough to work with Zeeshaan Shah, a candidate on this series of BBC’s The Apprentice.  We thought we’d do a little write-up of how that came about and how we got on with

Welcome: Our new Social Media Team!

If you’ve been following our journey, then you’ll know that all of this started with Kane and I doing everything within the company.  This was fine for a while, until we grew to a point where there quite literally wasn’t enough hours in the day!

Happy 1st Birthday Giraffe!

This Monday, Giraffe had its first birthday!  We can’t believe how quickly a year has gone by, so we wanted to write a quick blog post to talk about the past year.  Before you yawn and click off – there will be a picture of

Welcome to the New Giraffe HQ!

As we approach the 1st birthday of Giraffe (this coming Monday), Kane and I finally decided to make the switch from working individually from our respective houses, to creating the first Giraffe HQ at my house.  There is a room that was previously used an

The Giraffe Content Team Grows

Recently we advertised for new Content Assistants to join our Content Team and we were blown away by the number of applications we received. We had applications from all over the world and from a huge range of industry backgrounds. After much deliberation, CV reading

Hello from Giraffe Social Media!

Welcome to the Expert Blog of Giraffe Social Media.  The mission of this blog is to help you with all things social media. We will be aiming to explore every area of social media, providing industry updates and showing you how it can be used