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The Giraffe Content Team Grows

Recently we advertised for new Content Assistants to join our Content Team and we were blown away by the number of applications we received. We had applications from all over the world and from a huge range of industry backgrounds. After much deliberation, CV reading and highlighting (any excuse to play with highlighters) we selected the cream of the crop.

Giraffe would like to welcome the brilliant new members to our Content Team –

  • Joshua Hunt
  • Ben Hunt
  • Tim Sykes
  • Odelle Hogg
  • Mark Colvin
  • Tadana Chisenga
  • Olivia Whittal
  • Stephanie Balsom‐Eynon
  • Astrid Hall
  • Daniel Horton
  • Emily Kutchinsky
  • Jack Cooper
  • Sean Haydock

When we launched the Giraffe Content Team in January it started with just 3 people. Since then the team has grown to over 20 people and is still growing rapidly to this day. Go Team Giraffe!

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