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Welcome to the New Giraffe HQ!

As we approach the 1st birthday of Giraffe (this coming Monday), Kane and I finally decided to make the switch from working individually from our respective houses, to creating the first Giraffe HQ at my house.  There is a room that was previously used an office with its own side entrance, somewhat separated from the main house.  We made the decision whilst sat on the beach at Southsea just a couple of weeks ago – and now we sit here working in the new office!

We hope that lots of you will come and visit us working away at Giraffe HQ, and sit on what has been christened ‘the thinking couch’ – and ponder the universe.  Or perhaps you could turn up on a day when we sign a new client and witness the now ritualistic vuvuzela blow out of the door (no neighbour complaints so far!).  The only two things missing that are on the wishlist (if anyone is feeling generous) is a blackboard for ideas and doodles, mainly doodles.  Also, we plan to get a TV in here so we can watch the night before’s Game of Thrones or NBA games – I mean, do business presentations and look at graphs.  Yeah.

Anyway, I digress, here are the pictures of the new Giraffe HQ coming together over the last week or so.


This is me putting the desks together while DIY-phobe Kane takes pictures and tries to look busy with a wet cloth.


The new desks put in place, looking rather sexy.  And before you ask, yes, that is a Black Dynamite poster.


The cuddly Giraffe makes his way on to the boring folder shelf, trying to ‘fun’ things up a bit.


The most important part of Giraffe HQ – the amp that makes sure that there is music playing here at ALL times.


The book collection forms on the coffee table.  As Nas once said ‘read more books than a curriculum profile’.


Enter the new chairs, laptops and other bits – and it’s starting to come together!


Kane blowing the previously mentioned vuvuzela!


The logo goes up on the wall and Giraffe HQ is complete!

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