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Giraffe Social Media: You’re Hired

#TeamZeeAs you are probably well aware of, this year we were lucky enough to work with Zeeshaan Shah, a candidate on this series of BBC’s The Apprentice.  We thought we’d do a little write-up of how that came about and how we got on with the exciting project.

Zee phoned us in early April and mysteriously claimed that he was set to appear on one of the biggest reality TV shows in the country.  He informed us that he was looking for a social media marketing agency to manage his personal brand across several social media platforms.  His ambition was to capitalise on the exposure that he would experience so that he could use it as a platform to help his current business, One Investments, and also any new ventures that he embarks upon.

After some conversations and strategy development, we began work at the end of April, with only a couple of weeks before the show began.  We set to work immediately and started achieving the results we’d hoped for straight away.  Here are some highlights from our work for Zee:

  • 3900 New Facebook likes in the first month.
  • 896% Increase in Twitter followers in the first month.
  • Highest reach for a single Facebook post: 5.8k individuals.

Unfortunately Zee exited the show a few weeks into the process after hearing the infamous words ‘You’re fired’ from Lord Sugar.  However, in the few weeks we had, we built a large audience of fans who became invested in Zee’s personal brand.  Objectives achieved.  At the time of his firing, Zee possessed the most interactive and populated social media accounts of any of the candidates on this year’s show.

We are over the moon to have worked with Zee and to have helped him achieve the results he wanted.  Hopefully we can do more personal brand work for another reality TV star in the future!

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