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World Giraffe Social Media Day

World Giraffe (Social Media) Day

Today is World Giraffe Day and it’s time to move aside my tall, orange friends for we are claiming the national holiday for ourselves. I mean if two of us stand on top of each other, we are basically the same height as a giraffe.

Therefore, we asked the team what their favourite thing about Giraffe Social Media was and why they love working for the company so much!*


I like working for Giraffe because of all the opportunities I’ve been given to innovate and make my mark on the company. I feel my expertise is valued and appreciated by the rest of the team as well as our amazing clients. I am surrounded by good people on a daily basis.


The thing I love most about working for Giraffe is learning new things, not just about what is happening in the constantly evolving world of social media but also learning from my colleagues.  The atmosphere of co-operation and sharing is fantastic, not to mention inspiring.  I feel I’ve really benefited professionally and personally at Giraffe!


Working for Giraffe is more than just a job for me – it’s a community, a place to share ideas and to laugh. When you get something right for a client, it’s a great feeling and one I always strive for. Everyone works together to be their best and to help others achieve what they want to. Every member of the team is super caring and a good listener. Every day is a new challenge we must face together.


I love working at Giraffe because I get to work in a fun, flexible environment while constantly growing and learning. We’re all so weird and enthusiastic and that’s exactly what makes us work well together and achieve great things. I love working for Giraffe because I love being creative and I love working for Giraffe because I also love working with creative, like-minded people.


I love Giraffe because of the freedom and the flexibility of it! Working part-time and remotely really helps you get things done and have a life in and out of work.

*No one was bribed during these interviews…Kate we’ll give you your £20 next week.