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The Buyer’s Journey How to Reach Your Audience At Every Stage [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Buyers Journey is a metaphorical path that your customers take when considering a purchase of your product or service.

Here’s how to reach them at every stage!


Awareness Stage

People are just starting to become aware of a problem or issue that needs to be solved. Through searching for a solution, they may become aware of your brand.

Goal: You should simply aim to educate people here. Respond to their pain points and provide actionable solutions they can implement right away.

Example Content Types: Blog posts, infographics, podcasts, ebooks, cheatsheets, whitepapers.


Consideration Stage

People are aware they have a problem, and are now actively searching for a solution. They’re trying to work out if your product/service can help.

Goal: Turn these people into leads by building trust and establishing relationships. Don’t directly sell.

Example Content Types: Case studies, demo videos, quizzes, product webinars, whitepapers.


Decision Stage

People are ready to make a purchase, but necessarily from your brand. You need to show why your brand is better than all the competitors.

Goal: The goal here is simple: Convert leads to paying customers.

Example Content Types: Free trials, live demos, consultations, coupons, testimonials, comparison sheets.


Retention Stage

People have made a purchase from your brand, but aren’t repeat customers. You need to show customers why they should keep buying from your brand.

Goal: You should remind customers why they purchased from you, and encourage them to do so again.

Example Content Types: Ongoing support, online chat, coupons, loyalty rewards, email follow-ups.


The Infographic

Check out the full infographic below:

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