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The Buyer’s Journey How to Reach Your Audience At Every Stage

The Buyer’s Journey How to Reach Your Audience At Every Stage [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Buyer’s Journey is a metaphorical path that your customers will take when considering a purchase of your product or service. It comprises of four stages: Awareness, Consideration, Decision, and finally Retention.

When crafting your marketing strategy, it’s important that you’re keeping The Buyer’s Journey in mind. Each piece of content you publish will hit certain buyers at certain stages.

So here’s how to reach your customers at their stage, and the types of content you should be posting to do so!


Awareness Stage

People are just starting to become aware of a problem or issue that needs to be solved. Through searching for a solution, they may become aware of your brand.

Goal: You should simply aim to educate people here. Respond to their pain points and provide actionable solutions they can implement right away.

Example Content Types: Blog posts, infographics, podcasts, ebooks, cheatsheets, whitepapers.


Consideration Stage

People are aware they have a problem, and are now actively searching for a solution. They’re trying to work out if your product/service can help.

Goal: Turn these people into leads by building trust and establishing relationships. Don’t directly sell.

Example Content Types: Case studies, demo videos, quizzes, product webinars, whitepapers.


Decision Stage

People are ready to make a purchase, but necessarily from your brand. You need to show why your brand is better than all the competitors.

Goal: The goal here is simple: Convert leads to paying customers.

Example Content Types: Free trials, live demos, consultations, coupons, testimonials, comparison sheets.


Retention Stage

People have made a purchase from your brand, but aren’t repeat customers. You need to show customers why they should keep buying from your brand.

Goal: You should remind customers why they purchased from you, and encourage them to do so again.

Example Content Types: Ongoing support, online chat, coupons, loyalty rewards, email follow-ups.


The Infographic

Check out the full infographic below: