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What Is A Content Marketing Matrix

What is a Content Marketing Matrix?

A Content Marketing Matrix is a mapping tool for different types of content based on its purpose of educating, inspiring, entertaining, or driving sales. what are the benefits of content marketing? Content marketing is a great asset to any business looking for a successful digital marketing strategy with over 60%
a guide to creating content strategies

Creating a Content Strategy: The Giraffe Guide

Content marketing is a great asset to any business that wants to utilise all the benefits digital marketing can have for your brand. But where should you start? And what makes a great content strategy? Here’s the Giraffe Social guide on creating a content marketing strategy that will help you

Great Tips to Kick Start Your Content in 2023 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ready to give your social media content a refresh in 2023? The new year is the perfect time to try something new. So in our infographic, we’ve got five of our best tips for creating stunning, shareable content on all your social media channels. Check out the full infographic below:

The Benefits of Content Curation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Creating and posting content to social media every single day can be a very hard habit to keep up with. When you need to make everything from scratch, all by yourself, it won’t take long before you start to feel overwhelmed. This is where content curation can come in extremely
What is Content Creation?

What is Content Creation?

Content creation is a term used often in digital marketing, but what is it? First and foremost, we must answer: what is content? And, unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Content as a term is often used to refer to different things and acts as an umbrella term. HubSpot, for