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Content Marketing Matrix

What is a Content Marketing Matrix?

Content marketing is a great asset to any business looking for a successful digital marketing strategy. However, it can be difficult to plan and successfully achieve the results and objectives you’ve set out to, especially if you haven’t set any purpose or goal.

That’s where the content marketing matrix can be a great benefit to your strategy. But what is it? And how can it help you plan your content?

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is vital to digital marketing. The content you write offers value to your audience as it must be interesting and informative. It should be helpful to customers or businesses in your industry, so they can share the information to their audience on social media. It’s also a great tool to help create lasting relationships between consumer and business, and educate your audience on topics that matter.

What are the benefits of Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one of the best branches of digital marketing because of the benefits it can provide to your brand, such as creating legitimacy and trustworthiness. Other advantages include increased conversion potential, more referral and social traffic, improved brand reputation and when done right, can make you appear higher in search engines.

Content marketing can help give potential customers or clients the information they need to make a purchase or establish yourself as a trustworthy source to buy from.

You can find some more tips on content marketing and creating a strategy for the new digital age here.

What is a Content Marketing Matrix?

According to Digital Marketing Magazine, a Content Marketing Matrix is ‘a framework from which a content marketer can consider and plan how best to be there for their target audience with the right content at the right time and in the right place.’ It’s a content mapping tool, that let’s you think about what to create for a future content marketing strategy.

Say goodbye to just evergreen and news cIt encompasses all types of content from social media posts, to branded videos, to articles and eBooks.

How Do I Use the Content Marketing Matrix?

You can find templates online for content marketing matrixes, but you must figure out what KPIs you use or want to track, so you can see the results of the effort you’re putting into your content marketing. Pardot provides some potential KPIs you could look at, including: unique page visits, downloads, time spent on the page, inbound links, shares, comments and interactions, cost per click and cost per lead, lead generation, Annual Contract Value, influence, conversion rates, followers and subscribers and growth. All these allow you to objectively monitor efforts that are subjective.

You can then use the grid to plot the different content formats too and figure out what works best and why. Thus, you can edit the grid when you try out new things and see what changes. According to the Smart Insights matrix, some examples of formats could be webinars, case studies, product features, events, reviews, community forums, guides, interactive demos, infographics, press releases, eBooks, articles, competitions, quizzes, data sheets and price guides, checklists and so on. Each format falls in a different place on the grid and some even fall in both. For example, articles can both educate and entertain, but may not inspire or convince. One of the biggest up-and-coming types of content is branded videos, which have risen in popularity because of the success of video content on social media platforms such as Facebook.

The Purposes

Do you want to entertain your audience? Or do you want to inspire them into an alternative, motivational or new way of thinking? Maybe you want to educate your followers or convince them to do or take action on something.


Entertaining content is engaging and creates interest and awareness.


Inspiring content tugs on the emotional heart strings and works better when used later on in the buying process. This type of content has to be relatable and make the potential customer feel something.


Educational content helps your customers learn something new either about a relatable topic or your own products and services. This type of content helps establish your business as a thought leader and centres you as a trusting source. They require a lot of research and detail to provide educational value.


Convincing content works in the last stage of the buyer’s journey. It’s important to know what your audience wants at this point and create content that’s accessible and influential.

The Content Marketing Matrix Axes

The axes on the Content Marketing Matrix represent the buyer’s journey, so your content type must align and push your audience through the path. You must design content formats that excels a potential customer or client through the stages until they eventually buy or commit to a service. The axes are labelled ‘Awareness -> Purchase’ at the bottom, and ‘Emotional -> Rational’. These co-axes work in unison with the format and types and are measured from raising awareness to getting a purchase, and evoking emotion or creating a logical, rational structure.

The matrix works as a helpful graphic representation that identifies what parts of your content works the best.

What are the benefits of the Content Marketing Matrix?

You’ve thought long and hard about a piece. You’ve written it expertly, received editorial feedback and altered it to perfection. However, after pressing publish you may be surprised your article has fallen flat and hasn’t received the amazing conversions you thought it would. According to Struto, this could be because ‘content types fall within defined scopes of purpose, and using one outside of its designated scope could be the reason the piece didn’t work.’

You can mind-map future content concepts and review how your competitors use these types of content too.

If your business needs help with content marketing, please get in touch today.

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