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Using Rhythm in Your Social Media Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the world of graphic design, there are twelve primary principles, or underpinning rules, that allow design products to effectively convey a message to the reader. These principles allow graphic designers, content creators, and really anyone working with a visual medium, to create high-quality, compelling compositions. In our infographic –
a guide to creating content strategies

Creating a Content Strategy: The Giraffe Guide

Content marketing is a great asset to any business that wants to utilise all the benefits digital marketing can have for your brand. But where should you start? And what makes a great content strategy? Here’s the Giraffe Social guide on creating a content marketing strategy that will help you
social media content calendar

Create a Social Media Content Calendar (+ Free Template!)

Creating a social media content calendar can be a daunting process when it’s your first time. That’s why, in this article, we want to break down the whole process into simple and easy-to-understand steps to help you get started. In this article, you’ll learn how to set goals, chose the
What is Content Creation?

What is Content Creation?

Content creation is a term used often in digital marketing, but what is it? First and foremost, we must answer: what is content? And, unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Content as a term is often used to refer to different things and acts as an umbrella term. HubSpot, for
Creating Content for Facebook - Cover

Creating Content for Facebook: Our Top Tips

You may be thinking that it’s a bit too late to be thinking about creating content for Facebook. That ship has already sailed, right? Well, no! With nearly 3 billion people still using the platform, there are plenty of opportunities to reach a new audience. As social marketing experts, we