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Facebook ads manager

Facebook Ads Manager: The Giraffe Guide

Want to know how to get to grips with Facebook Ads Manager? You’ve come to the right place! Facebook is one of the top dogs in the social media world. The platform has over 2.41 billion monthly active users as of June 2023, so that’s a giant pool of people
5 Ways to Perform Conversion Rate Optimisation Cover Image

5 Ways to Perform Conversion Rate Optimisation – A Guide

It seems like everyone and their dog is trying to sell products or services on social media, and with so much competition, understanding the top ways of performing conversion rate optimisation has never been more important. The good news is that with over 4.6 billion people regularly using social media,
Social Media News Roundup June 2020

Social Media News Roundup: June 2020

In social media news this month, Twitter gives everyone a voice, Google is Keen for everyone to share their passions and Facebook runs into trouble. It’s time for another Giraffe news roundup! Facebook Test Mobile Dark Mode Facebook this month finally rolled out their mobile dark mode to selected users,

Top Tips for Facebook Sponsored Posts

Facebook advertising will change the way you use social media for your business forever. It’s a great way to get your brand and its content in front of your audience’s eyes. One of the most popular ways to boost your business is by using Facebook sponsored posts. Below we have
Facebook Advert Sizes

Facebook Advert Sizes Explained

The world of Facebook advertising can be a daunting place. There’s copy to come up with, high quality images to choose from and policies and guidelines you have to follow to make sure your ad gets approved. On top of all that, you need to be making sure you haven’t
what advertising type is best for me?

What Advertising Type is Best For Me?

As the advertising world of Facebook and Twitter evolve and improve, it can be hard to decide what advertising type is best for your business, especially if you’re just starting out on the social media platforms. Each ad has a specific goal and different ads will deliver different objectives, so
social media news

Social Media News Roundup: March 2019

In social media news this month, Instagram is planning on making it easier to get to where you want to in videos on their app, Facebook wants to improve users’ experience in group chats on Messenger and Facebook ads is looking to change their relevance score for the better. Instagram

What is Facebook Dynamic Creative?

Facebook Dynamic Creative is a new feature by the social media site that can be used by advertisers to help deliver creatives. It is a quicker and more efficient way of creating multiple variations of a single ad, instead of manually having to do it. Advertisers have been plagued for

Should I bother with Twitter promoted posts for my business?

It’s a fact — brands have been on Twitter since day one. They use the platform to connect with consumers in meaningful ways, offering everything from special discounts and exclusive content to new product information. But what if your Tweet is only relevant for a subset of your followers? What

Super Bowl 2013: The Top 3 Ads

Every year, the Super Bowl proves yet again why it is one of the world’s biggest spectacles. Even some English people pretend to be into the sport for a single night, much to the annoyance of all of the English people who really like it. As well as the actual game