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Super Bowl 2013: The Top 3 Ads

Top 3 Superbowl Adverts of 2013

Every year, the Super Bowl proves yet again why it is one of the world’s biggest spectacles. Even some English people pretend to be into the sport for a single night, much to the annoyance of all of the English people who really like it. As well as the actual game itself, there is the half time show which is usually more hyped than a new Tarantino movie – and on top of this it is the pinnacle of advertising…

When people compare the success of advertising, they often compare it to the results from a Super Bowl advert. However, it’s not as easy as just placing up any old advert. It has to be awesome. People are expecting it to be awesome. Millions and millions of people are watching, ready to witness awesomeness. If it isn’t awesome, it could actually prove detrimental. And that would be not awesome.

So, the 2013 Super Bowl has just passed, and the Ravens won it – along with setting a new touchdown distance record!  I didn’t get to see the actual game, but I have managed to watch all of the adverts from the event (yeah I know, that makes me a loser) and there really were some good’uns! So we thought we’d show our favourite three of the year…

3. Best Buy

If you’re a fan of Parks & Recreation – then you’ll love this ad.  It basically has Amy Poehler walking around a Best Buy store asking every question you could possibly imagine about the products. But I’m under selling it, it’s pretty funny…

2. Samsung

I had to battle with myself not to bring this in first position. I love Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd so much that it was a hard decision. The ad has Rudd and Rogen compete for the role of ‘The Next Big Thing’ – and it’s hilarious. I’ve watched it like 5 times already. The only down side being that Lebron James makes an appearance (I’m just bitter as a Bulls fan, and jealous of his ability)…

1. Budweiser

Every now and then someone creates a video that evokes so much emotion in such a short period of time. How do they do it? I’m not sure, I can only imagine some form of wizardry. This video speaks for itself. Grab the tissues, watch it and embrace the tears.

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