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5 Amazing Social Media Infographics


Genius, I know. This is the newest trend (along side the Harlem Shake viral video – link!) in sending out valuable information, but in an attractive way. It hit’s the idea into one’s cerebral cortex (the place where things are registered in the brain) instantly; due to the way information is presented in an eye-catching and fun way.

I’ve scoured the Internet (aka. spent a lot of time on Pinterest, which I don’t mind) to find the top 5 coolest and interesting social media infographics

  1. Since this is social media, the top one has to be showing the leaders of the SM world.
  2. Digital maturity: When I was growing up, everyone would always try a way to hack the blocked sites at school. I’m pretty sure there will be a social media etiquette class coming along soon.
  3. GUILTY!  I do this too.
  4. A day in the life of the Internet.
  5. Social Media resume.

A ton of infographics on just about anything, an be found pinned on Pinterest (you can follow my Pinterest too – link ).

Lesson: want to get important data out there? Keep it sexy!

Meera Patel – Social Media Content Assistant

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