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What is Facebook Dynamic Creative?

Facebook Dynamic Creative is a new feature by the social media site that can be used by advertisers to help deliver creatives. It is a quicker and more efficient way of creating multiple variations of a single ad, instead of manually having to do it.

Advertisers have been plagued for years by the tedious job of optimising their Facebook ads. However, optimisation is essential and testing different creatives, copy and descriptions is beneficial in the long run. Nevertheless, Facebook has answered the advertisers’ prayers and created a feature that makes the whole optimisation process automatic.

What is Facebook Dynamic Creative?

Dynamic Creative allows advertisers to create variations and alternative copies to ads, then work out what one is working best and start delivering that to your targeted audience instead. It’s a nifty feature that can save advertisers and businesses a lot of time and money.

Before Facebook Dynamic Creative

Without Dynamic Creative, advertisers would create three or four differing ads and leave the rest to Facebook’s algorithms. Then, traditionally, an advertiser would allocate all the budget to the ad that’s been chosen and performed the best. Nevertheless, with Facebook’s new feature, you input the creatives, copies and headlines and the social media site will send the copies of the ads to smaller groups of your target audience that it thinks will work best with each group.

How Do I Use Facebook Dynamic Creative?

Dynamic Creative accepts up to ten images and videos and five of each text asset – body text, title and description. The feature then utilises these components and mixes and matches them until they find the ads that work best for the audience – this is based on how the target audience react to the ads put in front of them.

Dynamic Creative ads can be used for the Conversion, Traffic, Video Views, Reach, Brand Awareness and App Installs campaigns and objectives. All you have to do is select the objective you wish to carry out at the start of the campaign, then turn on the Dynamic Creative feature at the ad set level. You can then add all your assets and let Facebook start its combination creation.

After the ad has been published, you can then check in on how the ad has performed and look into the insights of the campaign.

How Can Facebook Dynamic Creative Help Your Business?

According to Facebook, Dynamic Creative can help, ‘find high-performing combinations of creative components for your campaign and drive performance, launch ads with multiple combinations of creative assets quickly and deliver the best creative for each campaign audience and ad placement.’

It has found to be have reduced CPI (cost per install) by some companies too.

Having Facebook automatically create and push out ads that they think are best, frees up more of your time as you won’t be individually testing each ad set and copy. You’ll have more time to focus on your business and look at other ways to improve your social media marketing.

If you need any help with Facebook Dynamic Creative or advertising for your brand, contact us today.