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what advertising type is best for me?

What Advertising Type is Best For Me?

As the advertising world of Facebook and Twitter evolve and improve, it can be hard to decide what advertising type is best for your business, especially if you’re just starting out on the social media platforms.

Each ad has a specific goal and different ads will deliver different objectives, so it all comes down to what you want to see on your social media. There are so many different variants that could affect the impact of your ad, that you need to get the first step right. In this article, we will focusing on basic ads types that you can create and push out on Facebook.

Whether you’re a start-up, a small business or a company with a team of a hundred, advertising can produce incredible results in terms of growth, website traffic and reach and can really start to benefit the sale of your products or services. New ad formats now mean you can enhance conversions and generate leads too, so the world of ads really is becoming endless!

Facebook is the hub of new advertising tools, with updates to their system to refine their features every month. There are so many different types of ads that you can create on Facebook, but we will focus on the more basic sets that may help your business, especially if you’re a beginner at advertising.

Event Ads

Event ads are perfect for businesses that host events and regularly have sales. Events can attract an audience and encourage them to interact with your big day, so putting some ad spend behind them really does pay off. It’s best to limit your target audience to the areas surrounding the place your event is in – this will make sure your event gets maximum attention.

Offer Ads

Offer ads are useful if you’ve got a deal or offer on your products or services. For example, if you’re doing 50% off items on your website, then you can advertise the discount and entice people to use it on your website. Discounts and offers are great incentives for people to click through and even buy from your website too.

Growth Ads

Growth ads are perfect for companies just starting out or for businesses that want to grow their social presence and their audience on Facebook. Growth ads simply encourage users to like your Facebook page with a photo and copy attached. These kinds of ads need to be attention grabbing, informative and concise to make sure people want to like the page and continue seeing your business’s posts.

Traffic Ads

Similarly, to growth ads, traffic ads feature on users’ Facebook feeds and urge people to take an action. However, traffic ads focus on getting people to click through to a business’s website, instead of just liking their page on Facebook. This means traffic ads are good for businesses who want to get potential customers on their site and seeing their products and services.

For more information on the different type of ads, campaign objectives and advertising on other social media platforms, get in contact with us today.