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Goodyear Lifestyle

Goodyear Lifestyle offers a range of licenced apparel using the globally-known Goodyear logo, meaning they can use the branding on various clothing items.




Goodyear Lifestyle

the problem

Goodyear Lifestyle approached us looking to increase their conversions, seeking to improve the number of sales being made through their social media presence. We were thrilled to be able to assist Goodyear Lifestyle in achieving their goals and working with a globally-known brand was hugely exciting.

the approach

As a globally known brand, we knew that there was a massive audience for us to tap into. We planned to target users who’ve previously shown an interest in the Goodyear brand or their competitors, then serve them ads and content that would resonate with their interests.

the solution

As part of the sales funnel, we used traffic ads to take people who would engage with the brand to the Goodyear Lifestyle website. Those who’d click through would be fans of the brand.

This is followed up with conversion ads taking users to the Goodyear store, using a website retargeting audience from the traffic ads so they can go through and complete a purchase.

We also used a Facebook catalogue to see the specific products purchased and used these images in the ads to ensure they were ultra-targeted.

Additionally, we regularly published organic social media content on Goodyear Lifestyle’s Instagram account. Doing this ensured that the brand was always front-of-mind for the Goodyear fans, increasing the chance of them engaging with and purchasing from Goodyear Lifestyle.

our work

Alongside the ad types we ran for Goodyear Lifestyle, we also created a wide range of social media content. This content had multiple goals: For the Instagram posts, we wanted to showcase the products themselves, which was done through stunning photography. For the Instagram stories, we wanted to use the interactive stickers to engage Goodyear Lifetyle’s growing community through questions, polls, Q&As, and more.

followers gained
return on investment

the results

We saw the Goodyear Lifestyle social media channels grow exponentially throughout our partnership. Their Instagram alone had a net growth of over 1600 followers. And through our product promotion activities, they received a net return of approximately $17,000.

Giraffe Social’s partnership with Goodyear Lifestyle was productive for both of us, and we thoroughly enjoyed collaborating!

It has been a joy to work with you over the last year, and I look forward to continuing to build the Goodyear Lifestyle Instagram account with you.

Ellie Mansell
Senior Licensing Executive, IMG

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