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Maison Noir

Maison Noir is a new, high-end fragrance brand that's, with our help, quickly making a name for itself. It has been featured in many publications and has a residency in Harrods and other luxury brick-and-mortar retailers across Europe.




Maison Noir

the problem

Maison Noir contacted us to assist with their ongoing social media activities. The primary goal was to grow their Instagram following and boost engagement for their organic social media content.

the approach

As part of our approach to grow the Maison Noir Instagram account, we’ve run several giveaway competitions designed to get new eyes on the brand, and entice users to follow the account.

Each time one of these competitions has been active, the total follower count of the Maison Noir Instagram has grown exponentially, at least doubling the followers each time.

We’ve been strategic in our use of giveaways, as we were conscious of Maison Noir becoming known as the “brand that gives away fragrances”. So instead of running these as often as possible, we’ve opted for a strategic approach that sees competitions going live to coincide with significant brand developments.

These include new fragrance releases, brand milestones, and more.

our work

Alongside the competition, the backbone of our approach to social media for Maison Noir has been a range of high-quality organic content published on their Instagram channel.

This content primarily consists of product shots of the various fragrances but also iconography, interactive stories, and more. Additionally, we’ve focused on including plenty of user-generated content to help foster a community of dedicated Maison Noir fans.

followers gained
impressions increase

the results

When Maison Noir joined Giraffe Social 7 months ago, they had 86 followers. Since then, we’ve grown the account exponentially, and it’s now sitting, at the time of writing, at 1,300 followers. They’ve also seen over a 27,000% increase in their impressions. 

With each giveaway, we have a larger organic audience to work with, which ensures that every competition is more successful than the last.

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