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Sebamed is a skincare brand that specialises in dermatologist-developed products formulated to maintain and support healthy skin. Their products are pH-balanced, intended to match the natural pH of the skin in order to maintain its protective barrier.






Influencer Marketing

the problem

Sebamed faced the challenge of expanding its digital footprint and boosting sales in the highly competitive skincare industry.

Recognising the potential of influencer marketing, the brand sought to harness influencers’ authenticity and relatability. They wanted to establish a connection with their audience, encouraging the sharing of genuine experiences with their products to foster a dedicated community.

the approach

We designed a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy around identifying and collaborating with influential individuals within the skincare and beauty space.

We meticulously selected influencers whose values aligned with Sebamed’s commitment to skin health and wellbeing. By partnering with influencers who genuinely believed in the brand, we aimed to create authentic and relatable endorsements that would resonate with their followers.

the solution

Our strategy encompassed multiple stages, beginning with market research to identify potential influencers whose audience demographics matched Sebamed’s target customer.

We then engaged in personalised outreach, presenting the brand’s values and products while emphasising the potential for meaningful collaboration. Upon securing partnerships, we provided influencers with a deep understanding of Sebamed’s products, their dermatologist-backed formulations, and the significance of pH-balanced skincare.

Through engaging storytelling, informative content, and genuine reviews, influencers shared their personal experiences with Sebamed across different social media platforms.

To amplify the reach, we encouraged the creation of before-and-after visuals, detailed tutorials, and Q&A sessions to address potential queries from their audiences.

our work

Our team produced tailored influencer outreach campaigns, content guidelines, and collaboration strategies. This immersive approach aimed to enhance the influencers’ knowledge and confidence in authentically promoting the brand’s products.

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the results

The results of the influencer marketing campaign were exceptional!

Over 12 months, Sebamed experienced a 55% increase in social media engagement, with a notable uptick in comments, shares, and user-generated content related to their products.

The audience perceived Sebamed as more relatable and trustworthy, enhancing brand loyalty and positive sentiment within the skincare community. The strategy achieved tangible outcomes in terms of engagement and solidified Sebamed’s position as a reputable skincare brand driven by authentic connections.

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