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Apple iTV – What can we Expect?


There have been numerous rumours over the past two years regarding the release of a product from Apple which would better their current TV offering. However, with the current set top box market currently being saturated with names such as Sky and Freesat, rumours have unfortunately stayed rumours whilst Apple negotiate and decipher how they will bring something bigger and better to the market. Despite rumours, speculation has multiplied recently in the US due to manufacturer Foxconn  having to play down reports that it had begun to produce Apple iTV’s, their CEO was quoted as saying it was “making preparations”. So the question then posed, is what can we expect if Apple iTV finally happens and when can we expect it to happen?

Over the past few years, most rumours have predicted a 2013 release date and as we head in to the fourth quarter of 2013 it doesn’t look likely that this will happen. On the other hand, Apple are known for their late announcements and as most of their previous product launches have been in the fall, it is possible that we could see something, if not a product, by the end of 2013. There have been strong suggestions that an Apple iTV could appear in November, ready for the Christmas rush.

With regards to features, there hasn’t been much in the way of confirmed facts, Apple being the way they are, are extremely  notorious for surprises. It has been suggested however, that the product could range in price from  £1,000 – £1,500,  with screen sizes varying from 42 to 55 inches. Much speculation has surrounded the design of the proposed product with many of Apple’s contacts  reporting that they have seen a working prototype. What we do know is that it is likely to be created by a team that have created many successful Apple products previously, the team may consist of Jeff Robbin, who helped leaped the creation of the iconic iPod.

We can presume that many featured aspects present in iPhone products and the like could well be evident in any TV offering. Such features may include an A5 processor and 1080p video. It has also been rumoured that Apple may produce an A6 processor which was originally rumoured to be included in the new iPad. By far the biggest and perhaps most exciting rumour that came from MacWorld in the first quarter of 2013, described a top of the range sound system that could be launched alongside iTV. It has been suggested that the system could determine whether a user is in the room and if he or she is in optimum range, from this the TV and speakers combined would modify the audio output as necessary.

As with any Apple product there are numerous rumours, what is clear is that if such a product came to light, it is almost certainly going to be a huge player in the TV market. With any luck we won’t have to wait much longer for some form of announcement. If all rumours come to play, it will be an exciting product that will be worth the wait.

By Content Assistant – Stephanie Balsom-Eynon – @sbalsomeynon

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