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Snapchat Emojis Get Clingy in New Update

A recently released update by Snapchat included new 3D emojis that move alongside features in video messages. Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks for teens and younger people, and new features are often added in a bid to entice new users away from the likes of Facebook and Twitter…

Snapchat’s developers have focussed their efforts in to developing technology that is able to detect, analyse and track the movement of objects within a video. As a result they have been able to add the new “clingy” emojis as a defining feature in their latest update. The social network only recently released a feature-packed update in a bid to offer their users more options over surrounding ways to communicate.

The Social Network of choice for Teens

Snapchat are clearly aware of their user base. In a recent survey of US Teens it came out on top as the most popular network, overtaking previously favoured Instagram. It has been clear from these studies that younger people prefer visually focussed social networks to the text-based media evident in Twitter and Facebook. Snapchat’s update is a perfect example of a network having a strong understanding of why their core demographic chooses their network over others. The platform is constantly evolving and adding new features that add to the entertainment aspect in order to appeal to them.

Other additions to Chat

Snapchat have also introduced Chat 2.0 in order to improve the one-on-one user messaging experience. Updates include 10-second video notes that loop, similar to those available on Vine and Instagram, Audio notes and Video Calls – which is clearly an attempt to muscle in on the realms of Whatsapp and Messenger. Other changes include the ability to send multiple photos and 200 stickers available for private chats.

What can we learn from the update

Snapchat continue to show us that in order to compete in the ever-evolving world of social media, networks cannot afford to lose sight of their primary identity. While social networks like Twitter begin to show evidence of straining their original objective in a bid to grow, Snapchat are fully aware of their user base and instead make attempts to grow with it.

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