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Social Media News Roundup: April ’18 Week 1

In social media news this week, Snapchat announces a feature that brings users closer together with video chat, Pinterest creates a ‘following’ tab to spice up users’ inspiration and Facebook expands its ‘Today In’ feature to more cities.
“Let’s Catch up on Group Chat!”

Say goodbye to meeting up for coffee, with Snapchat’s latest addition! Snapchat has announced a new feature called Group Video Chat which aims to bring users together with the app. You can video chat with up to sixteen friends and simply click the video icon in a group chat to activate the feature. Once a video chat is started, users in the group will be notified and can join. When entered, users can still use filters and send messages. It seems Facebook isn’t the only one working on bringing people together this year with Snapchat’s new feature set on going passed simply messaging friends to push this feeling of being in the same room with other users.

Follow Your Dreams…Literally

Pinterest has added a new feature that allows a user to see what other people are saving and is designed for when an individual’s own feed lacks inspiration. The feature is a ‘following’ tab and can be easily switched to, to see what people similar to you are looking at and liking. The tab allows you to discover more from users that may interest you. The new feature will be available on the Pinterest website and app soon, so prepare for a whole new feed that can reinvent the way you think.

Today In…Several More Countries

Facebook is expanding its ‘Today In’ feature to more cities beyond the original U.S. towns it began in. The idea is that users can see local news and events from trustworthy sources, as Facebook and its users still battle with fake news and phishing articles.

The articles are monitored by a team which analyse the content before publishing it in the section and is set to help local publishers get their articles and news seen. Also, it is supposed to be useful and informative in case of emergencies too and will provide news and updates from the emergency services. On top of this, the Today In feature will focus on events and give the chance for locals to connect with each other.