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Social Media News Roundup: December 2019

In social media news this month, Instagram adds to its safety features on the app, Facebook adds some very useful advertising tools and Twitter lets you change your live photos into GIFs!
Instagram gets a safety makeover

Instagram have been working on lots of new features this month, but two have a particular theme of safety and vigilance on the social media app.

Firstly, Instagram have been working on an age gate for those who use their app. In December, the social media platform asked people for their date of birth – a seemingly innocent question to add to their profile settings perhaps. However, it is clear now that Instagram wanted to collect all the information to make the most out of their new feature. Accounts and profiles will soon be able to control who sees their page and posts with a minimum age limit on their content. However, at the moment, it’s only professional profiles that can set up and use the feature. Instagram hope that the date of birth and minimum age feature will stop younger, under-aged individuals using their app.

Secondly, Instagram have been working on a feature that will warn a user if they are potentially posting an offensive or rude caption alongside their photos. It stems from AI technology, but won’t actually prohibit the user from still going ahead and posting. The feature will prompt them to edit their caption and reconsider the original post.

New ways to report with Facebook

Facebook have been working on their reporting tools this month by adding three news way to collate and analyse data. The new tools include cross-account performance reporting and custom metrics and Conversion Path reporting. These have been created with the advertisers and the season in mind – Facebook have added these tools in a bid to help brands and business analyse the efforts they have made over the holidays. Consider it, Facebook’s Christmas gift to you.

All features will better help you cross-analyse and receive a broader view of your accounts and ads performances.

From live, to GIF

Twitter have been working hard this month to release a new tool that will change your favourite iOS live photos into a GIF you can easily share on their platform. It’s a simpler alternative than going in and editing your live photo yourself. Now, the tweeting social media platform allows you to transform your live photo into a GIF at the click of a button – ready to share, anywhere on the site, as long as there’s an ‘Upload Photo’ option!