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Social Media News Roundup February 2024

Social Media News Roundup December 2023

With the festive season in full swing, excitement crackles in the air like chestnuts on an open fire. While we eagerly await Santa’s arrival, let’s take a moment to explore some noteworthy social media happenings that are sure to pique your interest. Ready to dive in?

Google Unveils Tracking Cookie Phase-Out Plan: What You Need to Know

First, in social media news, Google has announced its plan to phase out third-party cookies from Chrome by January 2024. This move, driven by a growing emphasis on user privacy, has sent ripples through the online advertising and marketing communities.

For years, third-party cookies have been the invisible workhorses of online advertising. These tiny data files, placed on your browser by websites you visit, act as digital trackers, following you across the internet and building a detailed profile of your browsing habits. This information is then used to target you with personalized ads, often eerily specific to your interests and recent searches.

While personalized ads can offer a sense of convenience and relevance, they also raise concerns about user privacy. The constant tracking and data collection can feel intrusive and unsettling, leaving many users questioning the extent to which their online activities are being monitored and monetized.

Google’s Tracking Protection: A Privacy-First Approach

In response to these growing privacy concerns, Google is introducing a new feature called “Tracking Protection” in Chrome. This feature will essentially cripple the effectiveness of third-party cookies, making it significantly harder for websites to track users across the internet.

The phase-out of third-party cookies will have a noticeable impact on your online experience:

  • Reduced Ad Tracking: You’ll likely see fewer ads that follow you around the web, offering a more private and less intrusive browsing experience.
  • Personalized Ads Revamped: Advertisers will need to find new ways to target users without relying on third-party cookies. This could lead to more contextual advertising, based on the content you’re currently viewing rather than your past browsing history.
  • Focus on First-Party Data: Websites will likely place greater emphasis on collecting and utilizing first-party data, information you directly provide to them, such as your email address or search queries.

The move away from third-party cookies is a significant step towards a more privacy-centric online world. While it may disrupt the current advertising landscape, it also presents an opportunity for innovation and the development of new, user-centric advertising models.

Instagram Continues To Test New Ways To Implement Notes

Instagram is increasingly embracing text-based content. One of its most recent developments in this realm is the rise of Notes, a feature that allows users to share short, text-only updates with their followers.

Since its launch in June 2022 Notes quickly gained traction, this surge in popularity speaks to a growing desire for more authentic and ephemeral connection on the platform. Unlike the polished perfection of photo feeds, Notes offer a raw and intimate space for users to share fleeting thoughts, musings, and snippets of daily life.

Discovered recently by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi Instagram is currently testing profile Notes, which would enable users to add Notes to your profile, which would last for three days at a time. As you can see from the linked example, your profile Notes display would enable users to add a Note to your presence, this can then be viewed in the Notes section. This would be another simple way for Instagram to promote engagement amongst friends. Instagram has also been spotted testing out Notes on feed posts too along with Reels clips.

While the idea of Profile Notes has divided users online, with some expressing indifference or even annoyance, it’s important to consider the bigger picture. Notes have already proven popular with younger demographics, a key audience for Instagram amidst competition from TikTok and Snapchat.

Therefore, it’s likely Instagram will continue experimenting with Notes in different formats and locations to see if they can boost overall engagement. While some of these attempts may be temporary, the platform is simply exploring what works best to keep users connected and active.

Threads, In-Stream Text Variants and Animations for New Year’s

In other social media news, Threads is getting a sparkling makeover! They’re rolling out exciting new features designed to add extra cheer and creativity to your New Year’s Eve celebrations. Stream Text Variants, posted and shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi.

This playful function lets you choose from a variety of dynamic text styles, like neon glow, confetti rain, and dancing lights. Imagine your New Year’s countdown shimmering in neon or your festive wishes erupting in a confetti cascade – possibilities abound!

Threads is also introducing New Year’s Eve-themed animations. Add festive fireworks, falling snow, or even a cheeky champagne toast to your messages, bringing your holiday greetings to life with a touch of digital magic.

These engaging features are a perfect way to share your New Year’s spirit and also align with Threads’ more positive approach to social media interactions. There’s no official word from IG on the new additions, but an announcement is expected before the New Year.

That’s a wrap for our social media updates in 2023! We’ve scrolled through trends and navigated all the ups and downs that came with it. But before we say goodbye, a few parting words:

  • Head to our insights: A treasure trove of social media marketing goodness. Dive in and discover strategies to make your brand shine in 2024!
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From the entire team here at Giraffe, we wish you a season filled with joy, laughter, and warm connections. May the New Year bring prosperity, success, and even more social media magic!

We’ll be back in 2024, ready to explore the evolving landscape of social media with you. Until then, stay merry, stay curious, and keep those creative juices flowing!