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Social Media News Roundup: February ’18 Week 2

In social media news this week, Snapchat helps users to create personalised filters for their events, Facebook tests a ‘Downvote’ button in the comments section, Instagram adds the ability to schedule posts and Twitter’s quarterly results are in.
Something to add to the event planning…

Snapchat has created Create Your Own Lens, a feature that lets users create their own augmented reality filter. Brands and business accounts won’t be able to access the feature as it has been designed for everyday users instead as people will be able to create a personalised lens for their events. The feature is currently only available on desktop and iOS, but an Android version is in development. The lens and filter options come with templates that can be customised with different fonts and text – an image can also be attached. However, the lenses aren’t free and must be made to order hours before they are planned on being used.

Snapchat have been extremely busy this week, with the new design layout being rolled out to all its users and features being updated, such as the way people can add text to their images before posting on their stories.

Downvote the Haters

Zuckerberg has been working on a new feature this week that promotes Facebook’s positive ideology for 2018 with the focus still on its users’ wellbeing and experience. Users found a tool that meant you could downvote comments on a post, even though Facebook’s CEO was pretty set on there not being a ‘dislike’ button on the site. However, the ‘downvote’ button testing was only carried out in small parts of the U.S. and showed no indication of it ever leading onto a ‘dislike’ feature. The test was supposed to help Facebook analyse feedback on the site and could be very useful for users and their news feeds in the future.

Insta? Maybe Later…

Instagram has upped its business game this week with its new ability to schedule posts. The feature is only available to brands and allows businesses to plan their content way in advance. Instagram follows in the steps of Facebook and Tweetdeck, which both allow users to schedule their posts months before they go out. This allows for strategies and campaigns to be well thought out and developed over weeks.

Twitter’s User Update

Twitter’s new rules on abuse and their updated longer tweet character limit haven’t had a positive effect on users as the amount of tweeters has dropped by two percent to 68 million in the last quarter. However, as the new regulations continue to update in 2018, it’ll be interesting to see how the start of the year has impacted the social site.