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Social Media News Roundup: January 2019

In social media news this month, Netflix combines with Instagram Stories to create the feature us binge watchers have been waiting for, for years, Facebook creates a new feature that measures Business Pages Quality and TweetDeck allows more than one photo to be scheduled.
A Netflix Original, Instagram Story

Netflix has entered the world of Instagram Stories with the new shareable feature. Ever binge-watched an entire series on Netflix and wanted to tell the world how good it is? Well now you can, if you’re using the Netflix app on your iPhone.

All you have to do is share what you’re watching to your Instagram Stories and your friends can click through to the show’s page if they have the Netflix app installed on their iPhone too. It’s a nifty tool that will help those looking for new Netflix suggestions and create discussions between friends about shows they’re watching.

You can also add stickers and comments too and personalise the story using your thoughts on the show!

Facebook Gives Business Pages Quality

In Facebook social media news this month, the site is helping businesses better understand their rules this month by creating a Page Quality tab on their pages. The feature is designed to highlight what is and what isn’t complying with Facebook’s guidelines. The tab will show content that Facebook has removed and why it has deemed it inappropriate to be shared on the social media platform. It is really useful for page admins to see what content isn’t actually allowed, especially if certain posts keep getting blocked and you’re uncertain why.

This knowledge can then be extended to ads, so advertisers can save a lot of time by complying with guidelines and not having their ad rejected and having to redo it.

The tab will include any posts that Facebook consider fake or misleading, bullying or inappropriate.

TweetDeck Allows More Than Photo

TweetDeck is an essential tool for any business on Twitter that wants to keep up with competitors and interact with potential customers and clients. However, one of its limiting features was its ability to only schedule copy or a single photo at one time. Scheduling posts helps a lot of businesses keep up with campaigns and allows them sufficient time to focus on interactions and engage with their community. However, having the same time of post can be boring.

Luckily, TweetDeck now allows users to schedule videos and multiple photos at the same time, so you have a varied selection of posts to choose from!