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Social Media News Roundup: June ’18 Week 4

In social media news this week, Instagram goes Lite, Facebook updates its Fundraising feature and Twitter’s publisher aid Twitter Media surfaces on the web.
Instagram’s Little Brother

Instagram Lite is designed to take up as little space as it can on your mobile device and also download pretty speedily. It is supposed to help the social media photo sharing site gain more users and aims to target those in countries with poor network connections. Instagram Lite has many of the same features as its older sibling – the ability to share photos and upload to your Stories. Equally you can look at your friends’ photos and their Stories too. However, the app doesn’t host videos so Lite users won’t be able share their own recordings of summer events. Instagram Lite also doesn’t cover Direct Messaging, so if you want to inbox your friends, it’s either back to the original app or carrier pigeons.

Fundraise with Facebook Further

With the success of its Fundraising feature, Facebook has decided to add new tools to the money raising feature that has already helped many with their charitable goals. Firstly, Facebook has helped fundraisers make even more money by allowing Pages to donate too. This means that brands, companies and celebrity pages can aid and add to the funds too! Another new feature to the Fundraiser tool, is a monthly donation ability that means you can give money to non-profits regularly. Facebook is really using its power for good and helping unite people as a community, which the world really needs right now.

Twitter Calls for Quality Content

It’s finally here! Twitter has released its new website, which aims to help publishers. Earlier this year Twitter wanted to provide publishers with the tools they need to get their work out into the world with the social media site as their platform. The helpful website is called Twitter Media and will provide publishers with updates, case studies, ways to succeed, news on publisher-related features and even have a blog and help section to aid publishers in need. Twitter Media wants to provide the resources publishers need, so they can write good, quality content that can be shared on Twitter itself. The social media site is revelling in Facebook’s recent bad publicity and taking full advantage of fake news and click bait articles, so that hopefully publishers and Twitter can work in unison to bring articles back to a high standard again.