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Why does Facebook continue to take the top spot?


With the growth of technology and user rate for all of them growing and growing, it is a surprise that an older site like Facebook is staying in the spot light.

Social media is constantly growing. Sites are being added at a rapid rate, so it makes you wonder, why is it Facebook continues to stay on top? It’s not even like Facebook was the first ever social media site to exist. Bebo and MySpace were doing perfectly well until Facebook showed up.

Social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine are all making a strong name for themselves but none of them have as many users as the recently celebrated ten-year-old site, Facebook. Some would even argue that we are reaching an age where, if you don’t have a Facebook page, you just aren’t normal.

Facebook’s non-stop success can be mostly put down to 3 reasons:


Facebook supports text, image and video based posts. Unlike other popular social networks that specialise in just one of these, Facebook does them all and is no “jack of all trades”.

2. Large audience

Social media is stereotypically seen to be for younger members of society. This is true to a certain extent with sites like Instagram and Twitter having most of their users aged 16-25. Facebook however sees people of all ages. It is a great way for teenagers to stay in contact and adults to get back in contact. You must also remember that the youngsters that joined Facebook ten years ago, are now reaching their thirties. In short, Facebook has been popular for an amount of time that has allowed it to start stretching over various generations

3- Simplicity

Although Facebook has made some changes in order to keep up with its competition, it is still undoubtedly simple to master when it comes to new users.

Facebook has been one of the top social networks since it was created in 2004. It is used for more than just networking with old friends. Facebook is used by people to check popular TV shows, connect through gaming, share precious photographic memories, which will then be permanently saved on Facebook, advertise new ideas, companies or business, used by PR to connect with customers, create events for socials, create a group for an out-of-work hobby. Overall, it is fair to say that Facebook is flexible, adaptable and always growing. It is limitless compared to it’s social media counterparts and unless a formidable rival appears suddenly, Facebook is sure to remain on top.

By Content Assistant – Liam Parker

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