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Easter Is the Time for Engagement

Easter Is the Time for Engagement

Haven’t got any plans for Easter? Well then, you’re missing out on some incredible chances for increased reach and engagement for your brand!

The holidays are a perfect time to build a digital marketing strategy to attract new customers and build a community among your current audience, so if you and your business haven’t already started giving your brand a chocolatey makeover, then maybe it’s time to start right now!

Easter Is the Time for Egg-Agement

Engagement is a lot higher when posts are related to events or national holidays, but why? Easter, and other religious holidays like Christmas, bring everyone together, so who wouldn’t like a post that incorporates the same mentality?

It’s also the holidays for the younger generation and older people are more likely to have time off from work too. Although some may spend their time foraging for Easter eggs in the back garden, many of us will use those extra hours to fuel a Facebook news feed scroll. The holidays are the perfect time to get your brand out there, because more people are sitting in front of their laptop screens or tweeting about how they’ve eaten too much chocolate already.

Make It Egg-Citing!

Everyone’s doing it so be different. Take the time to think outside the egg pun and Easter bunny box, although it can be pretty hard to resist the odd ‘yolk’ here and there.

From Spar’s innovative build your own chick on their website in 2015 to Asda’s Giant Hen campaign in 2016, in which consumers witnessed a humongous chocolate chicken climb onto a roof and lay eggs for people. It seems the bigger the campaign the better as Asda’s giant hen caused many to spring to social media and share the advertisement along with the hashtag ‘#GiantHen’. In the world of advertising and marketing, it seems being sheep-ish won’t get you the same, impressive amount of growth, reach and engagement as those that boldly go where no chocolate chicken has gone before.

Indulge in Content

If you can, now’s the time to crack open the video content. Video content itself increases brand awareness and, when paired with a globally celebrated holiday like Easter, the two become a gift that just keeps on giving. Videos are also a lot more likely to be shared and consequently an easier way for more people to see your posts and brand.

With the Easter Egg market on its own making over £220 million every year, your company should take every opportunity to hop onto the profitable industry, even if it is only to wish your clients a ‘Happy Easter’ or a great bank holiday weekend.

Side note: no Easter eggs or giant chocolate chickens were harmed in the making of this article…despite the number of horrendous puns.