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social media campaign ideas for spring

5 Social Media Campaign Ideas to Try in Spring

Structuring your social media content plan according to current events and seasonality can create a good flow to your content and help your brand stay up-to-date and fresh. If you’re stuck for ideas for a spring social media campaign, look no further! We’re bringing you 5 creative social media campaign ideas to try in spring.


1. An Easter-themed interactive hunt

Spring can bring fun and colour into your social media content. For example, there are plenty of Easter egg hunt-inspired campaign ideas that can shake up your social media in the lead up to Easter weekend. In general, Easter is a great time for engagement across social media.

A virtual, interactive egg hunt is a great idea for getting your followers commenting on and sharing your posts. Hide Easter eggs in your image posts on social media and encourage your followers to hunt for them! You could even offer prizes or discount codes to whoever finds them first or randomise the winner from the list of entries. If you’re able to, expanding the hunt onto your website by hiding ‘eggs’ on different pages of your site will create an influx of website visitors who already follow your brand on social media and may be in the market to buy from you.

After the campaign, you can contact the participants from your UGC-focused interactive hunt to ask for permission to re-use any images or videos they sent to your brand for the company. Repurposing UGC is a good way to keep your content fresh. This would work especially well if your campaign involved your followers submitting images or videos of your products, or working with your service, as they’ll have a longer shelf-life and can be used outside of the context of the spring social media campaign.

Generally, this type of campaign works best for B2C brands targeting individuals with a niche interest, and especially well for eCommerce brands. However, you can adapt it to B2B goals as well. Try conducting a hunt for office items, industry-specific objects, or using your specialised service, to add a professional touch to the campaign.


2. Partnerships with local businesses, charities, and influencers in your industry

Spring is a great time for securing new partnerships or one-off collaborations. Partnerships and collaborations are a win-win scenario for all parties involved. For you, it will increase your brand’s credibility and reach a wider segment of your target audience. For the partnered business or influencer, a relevant collaborative campaign will engage their audience.

Partnering with charities is an especially good method of bringing your community together, creating hope and positivity, and helping you communicate your brand’s morals and values to your target audience. Whether your goal is to raise awareness for the charity, encourage donations, or both, there are plenty of creative ways to work with charities. For successful charity campaigns, be sure that your chosen charity has at least some overlap in terms of your target demographic’s interests and values.


3. Conduct a giveaway

A spring-themed giveaway could be just what your social media needs this spring. Giveaways are a brilliant way to drive engagement for your brand and develop new relationships with your target audience. When participating in a giveaway, your customers will be excited and engaged with your social channels by commenting on posts, checking your page for updates, and sharing your posts with friends.

The first step to conducting a giveaway is, of course, deciding what you’ll be giving away. This will depend on your business. The top prize could be a free meal or voucher for your restaurant, gift cards for online stores, extended free trials for software services, and more. You could even select runners up alongside the winner and offer them special discount codes.

If you’ve decided you want to have a spring giveaway, but you feel like something’s missing – we’ve got you! Consider partnering with an influencer to run the giveaway for or alongside you. Influencer marketing is all the rage on social media nowadays, especially on Instagram, as it allows businesses to tap into an influencer’s dedicated fanbase.

For best results, choose your influencer wisely to make sure you align with each other’s target audiences, brand image, and values.


4. Create content for springtime holidays and special national/international days

As mentioned previously, incorporating seasonal trends is a great way to boost reach and engagement on social media. Creating content for all the big national holidays, awareness days, and “hashtag holidays” diversifies your content and adds your brand’s voice into the mix.

There are the big, official national days and holidays in spring which are usually always relevant to reference. Easter, Earth Day, and spring bank holidays are all pretty safe to acknowledge as a brand, although they may be more relevant to some than others. For example, a chocolate brand could campaign for Easter for several weeks advertising new Easter eggs, whereas Earth Day could be a great campaign topic for environmentally conscious businesses and charities.

Hashtag holidays” are popular on social media as a way of spreading awareness of a cause or important day (such as #InternationalWomensDay). They are also commonly used for less serious, unofficial celebratory days, such as “NationalTriviaDay” or “#WorldChocolateDay.” There is a hashtag holiday for basically everything; if you can think of your own hashtag holiday idea, it probably already exists.

One of the most important steps to take when incorporating national days and hashtag holidays into your posting schedule is to make sure they are relevant (or can be made relevant) to your brand/industry. Jumping on every bandwagon on social media is a sure-fire way to make your brand seem spammy and unoriginal. These types of posts should be used sparingly unless extremely relevant to your brand, and always mixed in with creative, original content.


5. Promote Spring Cleaning and Resetting

Spring cleaning is the universally known concept of using spring as a ‘reset’ or ‘refresh’ opportunity, similar to New Year’s resolutions.

If it’s been a while since the last audit of your social media channels, or you just want to shake things up, ‘spring cleaning’ your online presence is a great idea! Now’s the time to try out new campaign ideas or content types. Not everything will be a huge success but collecting data and metrics from trialling new campaign styles or types will be beneficial to future social media strategy planning.

Spring cleaning and a ‘refresh’ period is a great time to promote related products or services, too. This works especially well if you sell: cleaning products or offer cleaning services; organisational products or furniture; or anything promoting working on yourself, hobbies, or skills. Get creative and inspire your audience to turn over a new leaf for spring.

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