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How Can Social Media Managers Win At Wimbledon?


It’s strawberry season again which is great news for tennis players and social media managers alike.

Since the introduction in 1877 of a male-only amateur tennis tournament at The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon has become an international phenomenon. Remaining one of the world’s premier tennis tournaments, every year around this time many of us are reminded how we’d love to engage with the sport but that we know so little about it – and that we really fancy strawberries. 

When it comes to social media, sports tournaments are great news. As the games unfold so does professional comment and personal opinion. So if you are looking to boost your Social Media you should love Wimbledon – even if you haven’t a shred of athleticism in your body. As with many a Digital Marketing effort, you will see ROI in increased brand awareness as more people interact with you. Wimbledon is great because it happens throughout the working week when your potential clients are in their office and there is bound to be a tennis fan there whose trying to keep up to date on the daily goings-on.

Below are a few good things to consider if you are getting going with centre court social media…

Live matches

One of the easiest ways to get interacting is to search for whoever is currently playing. You are sure to find a multitude of people who are tweeting about them.

Hawk eye humour

Having a bit of fun on a topical subject is a great way to increase your posts’ chances of virality. There is a good reason that Clare Balding is the perfect host for the BBC’s Wimbledon 2day – she is knowledgeable and entertaining. Entertaining posts in the spirit of fun and games will get you noticed.

Keep interactions about the sport

When you are interacting, remember that it’s not about you. It can be difficult, especially if you smell the potential for custom, to resist the temptation to go for a sale. The last thing you want is to put anyone off by peddling your wares where they’re not welcome.

Don’t leave your Wimbledon potential untapped – get engaging today and who knows who might discover your “service”. #servingupsometennispuns

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