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How Nokia and Microsoft are using Social Media in The Smartphone War


Late in April 2014, Microsoft officially acquired the Nokia brand, and with it, all of its patents into manufacturing smart phones. With that they also gained its strong social media presence. So what is the Nokia brand doing to try and win the Smartphone war for Microsoft?

Nokia Conversations

Nokia has a central hub where it posts all its social media and blog content under the features and connects subtitles. The conversations site is all about connecting with its customers and potential customers and engaging with them through Nokia products. They have a real sense of community within the conversations site and it draws you in by rewarding creativity using Nokia products.

Instagramer of the week

Since a lot of the newer Nokia Lumia range of phones are centred around hig- powered cameras, Nokia has used this to encourage its community to share their best Instagram pictures. They then choose people who have a collection of great pictures and feature them on the conversations site.

The feature usually includes a short interview with the featured person along with a collection of their Instagram pictures. The winners are just ordinary people, not professional photographers, which is a nice way of encouraging engagement and interaction with the brand and its values through social media.

Nokia’s Instagramer of the week feature

Blogging Tips on how to get the best out of your phone

Nokia uses its blog to help customers get the most of their phones, they regularly post topics with tips on how to use the camera to get the best shots, and how to use social media tools like Vine to create great content that they will want to share.

This is a nice feature as it encourages people to learn how to create better content on social media channels, which will create interest from potential customers interested in a new phone who will be seeing all the great pictures taken on Nokia devices.

Sponsoring Social Media Events

Nokia sponsor this year’s social media week, which is an event hosted twice a year aiming to help people and organisations connect through collaboration, learning and the sharing of ideas and information. It’s pretty well attended by the SME’s and the presence of Nokia as the main sponsor helps the brand associate itself with the cutting edge of social media technology.


Nokia regularly run competitions on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Vine offering upgrades to phones for the most creative shots. It’s a great way of getting people talking about and interacting with their brand. User generated comment is the epitome of brand advocacy on social media. In the example below, Nokia are asking users to tag them in pictures with yellow, green or orange colours – the colours of their new Lumia 630 range are available in. Clever!

Nokia’s product association using competitions  

Nokia are a good example of a brand using social media well to create a community of fans who all engage with the brand and each other. They have quite a loyal fan base and these communities and social presence can only help this further. They just go to show the importance of a social media presence is for both fans of your product and interested parties.

By Content Assistant, Sean Haydock

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