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Are The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Really Worth The Money?


After the long speculation, rumours and leaked photographs, the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus came out a few weeks ago. Unsurprisingly, Apple had a great pre-order amount for both of their products. More than four million customers ordered in just 24 hours – an increase in of more than double compared to the iPhone 5 – and sales figures are still growing…

So what makes Apple’s new iPhone 6 so great? Is it the fact that the new phone is so much bigger than the existing iPhone? After all, the iPhone 6 plus is a whopping 5.5 inches big. A bigger screen than any other iPhone for sure. What on earth were Apple thinking making a phone that big? It must have been a trial for future generations of the popular phones surely? I mean, phones started getting smaller a few years ago, long gone were the aerials that mobile phones used to have, replaced by Motorola flip phones and the disco light Nokia phones, the ‘brick’ depth of mobiles started to decrease.

What’s new?

Although the iPhone 6 plus has a bigger screen, that isn’t the only difference. It boasts a retina HD display, making the picture and video incredibly high quality, alongside an ultra-quick Apple-designed A8 chip which will make your phone run really fast and boost power effectiveness. Battery life lasts up to twice the length of the iPhone 5.

Another feature that we quite like the sound of is the secure way to access the new iPhones and make payments with finger-print recognition. Apple has been very security smart here as the company has received many complaints from annoyed parents previously about how easy it was for their children to run up a bill by downloading apps without parental permission from the Apple store. But all of these new features comes with a hefty price tag. The iPhone 6 currently costs around £540 whereas the iPhone 6 plus cost starts at £619.

Samsung’s response

Apple really has gone all out here, although Samsung mocked the company’s effort in videos known as ‘It Doesn’t Take a Genius’ – or #notethedifference. Samsung criticized Apple’s approach to move forward, insisting that their live streams are rubbish, they then show a big screen phone and mocked Apple’s bigger iPhone 6 plus, insisting “that most phones have big screens nowadays anyway.” But despite their attempts to try and mock Apple, it seems that the demand for the products has been extremely high and welcome by Apple, so maybe Samsung were just jealous of the company? We must admit that the iPhones do have a much slicker finish to them than the current Samsung Galaxy. No doubt Apple could flaw Samsung with some of their failings on the Galaxy collections, such as battery life for instance.


Although the iPhone 6 may seem better, there has been a great deal of complaints about the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus just bending. The phone isn’t supposed to be just bending and users have found out that the build quality of their rather expensive purchase may not be quite up to scratch. According to The Guardian:

“A number of users across various forumssites and Twitter have reported – and pictured – that their phones have become warped after they sat or bent down with them in front and rear trouser pockets.

The reports come just after an insurance company claimed that the new iPhones are the most robust ever – though its tests didn’t include bending. Now #bendingiphone has become a popular hashtag…


The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus chassis is milled from a solid piece of aluminium alloy whose composition is secret. The weak area of the phone appears to be around the volume buttons, where the frame is at its thinnest and creates a fulcrum point around which the phone bends. Surprisingly, the screen does not break when the phone bends – though it does if the phone is then bent back to a flat profile.

Apple is not the first to have the problem of a large-screened metal-framed smartphone bending under use. Sony’s Xperia Z1, which had a 5in screen and a metal frame, saw users complaining that they bent in pockets.

Is this a fault of Apple’s creation? Or is this acceptable? We certainly wouldn’t appreciate a bending phone. Not only is it odd but it causes you to question the durability of the phone. What are your thoughts?

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