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National Poetry Day 2013

Thursday (3rd October), last week was National Poetry day here in the UK.  For a few laughs, we decided to set you awesome lot the task of writing short poems about Giraffes, we received so many awesome ones across all our social platforms, that we decided to share them in a blog post.  Here are our favourites!

Giraffes are long, giraffes are strong. They are covered in squares, but they can”t go upstairs. @SueSeahorseArt

A rhyming giraffe tweet? Alright! Take a seat. They eat trees and sway in the breeze Coz their heads are too far from their feet.  @SociallySteve

I’m a giraffe, I hate chilly weather. I’m knitting a scarf, it’s taking for ever.  @JannieJack

Write a twitter poem? Are you having a laugh?, We cant think of anything, That rhymes with Giraffe. @MovingPad

I know two young guys from Giraffe, When in China we had such a laugh,This professional pair, admired for their hair are clever and also quite daft. @LisaLavers71

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