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Sainsbury’s: A Social Media and Customer Service Success Story

Here at Giraffe we understand the power of social media and the vast range of benefits that it has to offer. One of those benefits is the ability to engage in a real time, two way communication with your customers. This is a brilliant example of how Sainsbury’s used social media to turn my initially negative customer experience with them into a very positive one, via the power of social media.


I settled down to tuck into a lovely ham roll made with a Giraffe (ironic, much?) roll. After a few bites of the roll I realised that there was something bright green sticking out of the bread. I took a closer look and pulled out a green piece of plastic from the roll, yuck!

As you would expect I took to Twitter straight away and tweeted a picture to the official Sainsbury’s account at around 6pm. Within 30 minutes I received a reply, within the hour I was talking to a very helpful member of the social media team on the phone. Ray apologised to me for the plastic which I found in the roll and said that he was going to make it right. He took some details, apologised some more and then explained that he was going to send me out a gift card, to ensure I wasn’t out of pocket and to say sorry for the inconvenience. Ray couldn’t have been more helpful and his attitude was a testament to Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s have done a lot of things very right here, lets take a look at them. Firstly, they are on social media after office hours, this shows their true commitment to customer service. Secondly, I received a reply and then a phone call all within the hour of me posting my picture to them on Twitter. Lastly, Ray from the social media team was very helpful and apologetic to me about the situation. The way Sainsbury’s used social media is a lesson to everyone, they turned a very negative customer experience into a positive one in the blink of an eye. Kudos to you Sainsbury’s.


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