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Bed Kingdom

Bed Kingdom is the UK’s leading online retailer of bedroom furniture products. They aim to provide high-quality furniture at the best possible prices without compromising!




Bed Kingdom

the problem

Bed Kingdom approached us because they wanted a social media agency to take their social media channels and advertising to the next level. They wanted to increase their online conversions and brand awareness across social platforms.

the approach

As a home furniture brand, we knew there was a broad audience that could be targeted through paid advertising. Moreover, the brand has been established for over ten years, enabling us to use more tailored targeting options such as lookalike audiences and custom audiences to capture those most likely to purchase or visit the website.

the solution

Following the marketing funnel, we used promoted posts on Facebook and Instagram to boost the reach of organic posts to target the top of the funnel. The aim was to increase brand awareness and reach a larger target audience interested in home furniture. We used detailed targeting to do this.

For the middle of the funnel, we wanted to drive traffic to their website to increase further brand awareness and support generating website purchases. Therefore, we ran Facebook and Instagram traffic ads to support this.

Following on from traffic ads, we moved our attention to the bottom of the funnel, where we ran conversion ads on Instagram and Facebook, using a website retargeting audience, lookalike audiences and more specific retargeting audiences based upon specific customer actions.

our work

Our focus for Bed Kingdom is on paid advertising; therefore, we’ve tested various paid advertising formats to find what works best for their brand and target audience. From boosting organic posts to website traffic ads to conversion ads, we continue to identify each point of the customer journey to target them in the best way that we can to achieve the client’s goals.

revenue generated
return on ad spend

the results

Since we started working with Bed Kingdom, we have generated many conversions of high-value items.

In total, across Facebook and Instagram, we’ve generated 2,567 conversions. In July 2023, the average return on ad spend across Facebook and Instagram was 45. Through our paid advertising alone in July 2023, their purchase conversion value totalled £143,088.87.

We’ve achieved their goal of increasing brand awareness on social media, as throughout our partnership so far, we’ve generated 10,870,031 impressions.

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