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Sprive is on a mission to help people live with less debt. Their app allows people to take control of their mortgage, identifying areas where they can save and calculate how long their payment will take.





the problem

Sprive asked us to develop their social media and blog presence to drive more traffic for their brand, contributing to the growth of app installs and greater brand awareness.

the approach

The best way to bring people to a social account and blog is by providing valuable content for them to digest. Creating and publishing content to educate and inform the Sprive audience became our underlying strategy.

the solution

To drive traffic for Sprive, we created a two-pronged strategy that involved the creation of informative and engaging social media content and a range of infographics for their blog.

The educational infographics centred around the mortgage industry, including plenty of statistics, guides, tips, and more. Additionally, we included information on how the Sprive app would help those reading the content.

This combo allowed the calls to action at the bottom of each infographic to bring traffic to the Sprive website effectively.

our work

Each piece of content created for Sprive aligned with our strategy and goal of generating more traffic for the brand. Below is a selection of the social content and infographics we’ve developed.

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