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Domli specialise in providing natural, high-quality products for your home and together with our help, Domli plans to increase its awareness and become a brand customer’s choose for its unique items and swift delivery.





the problem

Domli first contacted us to assist with launching its social media channels. The primary goal for the first 4 months was to increase awareness and build a community. After 4 months, the goal to increase awareness continued but we introduced a new goal which was to generate sales through its website.

the approach

As part of our approach to increase awareness and build a community during the first 4 months, we ran several giveaways, engaged with the community and created a consistent social media strategy showcasing all the unique items Domli has to offer.

After 4 months, we continued with the strategy however we introduced a strategy to move potential customers further down the marketing funnel and encourage them to convert. We introduced conversion ads where we used a retargeting audience who had already expressed interest in the brand.

the solution

During the first 4 months, we managed to get over one million eyes on the brand resulting in an increase in brand awareness for Domli.

Once we launched the conversion campaign, the results soared. In just a few months we have generated over a 10x return on the advertising budget and a positive return on Domli’s investment while partnering with us. This has resulted in gaining trust with our client and helping them achieve their own internal KPIs not only for social media but as a business too.

our work

Together with a high-quality organic social media content strategy that is on brand and our paid advertising efforts, we have been able to consistently move potential customers down each stage of marketing funnel by focusing on brand awareness at the forefront, leading them to visit the website and consider purchasing a product through to retargeting them to complete their purchase.

return on investment

the results

When Domli joined Giraffe Social, they had no online presence. Since joining we have exponentially increased brand awareness across the social media platforms. At the time of writing this, Domli has seen an increase of over 4 million impressions and over 40,000 engagements.

Partnering with this Domli has been nothing but fun and collaborative. They've allowed us to use our expertise and experiment with different approaches to identify what works best for the brand. At Giraffe Social, we value the ability to guide our clients on what we have learned and flourish best when a client allows us to use our expertise and experiment. Domli is one the best brands we have had the opportunity to work on and is definitely one that the team are proud of what they have achieved.

Daniella Couve
Senior Social Media Manager

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