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Social Media News Roundup: February ’18 Week 3

In social media news this week, Messenger tests an emoji status update, Google works on its story-telling, children’s card game UNO comes to the Messenger app and Pinterest makes the changes everyone has been asking for.
Update your Emoji

Facebook has confirmed that it’s working on a new ability for those to add an emoji as their profile picture in Messenger, so their friends will know how they’re feeling. It’s currently being tested in the activity status tab. This update is another attempt at aligning with Facebook’s 2018 unity goals of building a community rather than isolating its users.

Once Upon A Google…

Google has created AMP Stories, which is alike to the visual tool on Snapchat and Instagram, which allows users to upload photos and videos to their ‘Stories’. AMP Stories is primarily for mobile use but has also been designed to work on a desktop too. Google’s focus is on publishers and how they will use the platform to advertise their content.

UNO Remember?

Remember UNO as a kid? Well, the famous card game is no longer a childhood memory! UNO has had a digital makeover by the Chinese video game and toy company hybrid Mattel163. The company has developed the game for Facebook, under its Instant Games section.

Alike to the original game, you can ‘Quick Play’, which is the traditional way to play, ‘2v2’, which teams you and a friend up against two others and finally ‘Room Mode’, which lets you play with eight others! On these modes you can customise the game rules and share your results to all your Facebook friends. It seems the days of searching long and hard through those kitchen cupboards for cards are over as the game is also available on Android and iOS, meaning you’ll never be without the fear of getting a ‘+4’ UNO card.

Your Pinterest Prayers Answered…

Pinterest have answered the prayers of users everywhere. They have added a new update that lets individuals move Pins around on a Pinterest board and also rearrange sections and boards. People who use the site can now also archive boards that they don’t want to currently see, without permanently deleting them and also have the ability to sort the boards into the way they prefer. These layout improvements are what Pinterest users have been waiting for, after the social site spent most of last year working on its visual search tools such as Lens.