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Social Media News Roundup: January ’18 Week 4

Social Media News
In social media news this week, Instagram follows in the footsteps of Messenger, Facebook furthers its use for desktops, Whatsapp means business and a new feature called ‘Type’ might change the way we use Instagram Stories for good.
Active Four Hours Ago…

Alike to Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, Instagram has followed in the ‘Activity Status’ footsteps with a new feature that shows users when a person last checked the app. However, this status can only be viewed by those who direct message each other, but still has a similar format to the other social platforms – under a user’s name will state when they were last active or if they’re “Active Now”. Users are automatically enrolled into the new feature, but there is a button to disable it in settings for those who want to stay off the Instagram grid.

Desktop Friendly Fire

This week Facebook is testing its 24-hour story feature for desktop users after it ran the feature for a short while last year. The feature will allow users to upload content to their story from their computer and will be placed at the top alike to the way it is presented on mobile devices. However, it is still in testing and could not be rolled out to all users if it’s underused.

Whatsapp Get Down to Business

Whatsapp creators are launching a new app called Whatsapp Business, which is aimed at companies who communicate with their customers through the original app. Whatsapp announced that one billion people use the app every day, so it makes sense for the messaging app to build on its success! The new app’s design is beneficial to businesses who want to separate their customer and personal messages and respond to customers more efficiently and professionally.

A business’s profile can include information, a further description and address. Whatsapp Business also has a feature that responds to FAQs quickly and a personal greeting. Business users can also show their profile as ‘Away’, if they are currently unavailable to reply to customers. The app is thought of as another stepping stone to making more money out of the app on a business level in the future.

Type Killed the Photo-Based Content Star

Instagram is making headlines in social media news this week as it tests more new features that could be rolled out to users globally in the future. The app is supposedly taking a step back from photo-based content with a potential new feature that might soon pop up in the ‘Stories’ part. The feature has been spotted by numerous users as they can simply add text to a background, instead of the usual image landscape, when adding to their ‘Stories’. The option is appropriately called ‘Type’ and users can select different fonts and coloured backgrounds. If the feature is successful, it could roll out to more users throughout the year.

The app may also start notifying users if a person has screenshotted their Story – another update that Instagram users should look out for in the future!