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Social media news roundup

Social Media News Roundup July 2022

Summer is here and so is your monthly social media news roundup. Whether it’s been a staycation, or  you’ve been lucky enough to jet off somewhere exotic, we hope you’ve been having a great one so far. Sit back, relax and read on for the latest moves in the social space.

Pinterest Adding More Product Display Options, Shop Tab For Business Profiles

Pinterest are pushing forward advancing its in-stream shopping tools, adding in several new features for e-commerce. These include Product Tagging for pins, a shop tab on Business Profiles and a new ‘API for shopping’. This will all help to further bolster merchant options on the platform.

Product tagging within pins will add more specific product details to each item within a frame. As explained by Pinterest:

“With product tagging, merchants can add products from their catalogue to their scene images. Pinners can easily shop for the exact items they love from the inspiring imagery they find.”

This augments existing product tags by allowing them to specifically link to products in merchant catalogues. This will make it easier for specific products to be showcased and offer a smoother path to purchase. Pinterest have stated in initial testing, Pinners showed a 70% higher shopping intent on product Pins tagged in in this manner.

The new ‘Shop’ tab for business profiles allows merchants to easily highlight products allowing shoppable products to be easily displayed. Pinterest again have stated that 30% of Shopify merchants on Pinterest get their first attributed checkout from the shop tab, so this new high-intent shopping option will only help to grow these numbers, offering more attractive tools to prospective merchants. Positioning Pinterest as ‘the’ place for merchants to do business.

Meta Publishes Video Planning Guide for Marketers

In other social media news, Meta has published a new guide which covers best practice in establishing video marketing as well as highlighting how Meta’s offerings can enhance your current marketing campaigns.

Video is one of the most engaging content options currently available for marketers to harness across social media, short-form video has become key to brand communication and connection across all social networks.

If you aren’t integrating video into your digital marketing strategy then you really should be, this guide offers a concise guide on how to build out an effective video approach. The main focus of the guide is Meta’s 3-step video planning guide, which takes you through the process of establishing your video strategy. Step by step Meta highlights it’s various video promotion options and how they change dependant on your marketing goals.

You can find the full guide here, for further marketing tips and guides, why not check out our very own Giraffe blog. Full of expert marketing tips and guides to keep your social media marketing strategy ahead of the game.

Twitter Launches New ‘Unmention’ Feature

Twitter has rolled out a new feature called ‘unmentioning’ letting users have more control over mentions. As the name suggests the new feature literally lets you exclude yourself from the narrative, making it possible to leave a conversation on Twitter once and for all.

Designed to let you “take control of your mentions and leave a conversation” that you no longer want to partake in! A long-requested feature by the Twitter community, which is long overdue.

To remove yourself from a conversation is simple. Tap the three-dot menu/ellipsis on the tweet in question, from there you’ll now see a new option to ‘leave this conversation.’ Once selected Twitter will explain that leaving a conversation will do the following:

·      Untag your username: Username stays, but untagged from tweets/replies.

·      Stop future mentions: People can’t mention you again in this convo.

·      Stop notifications: No further notifications sent regarding the convo.

Once confirmed other users will no longer be able to tap through to your profile and further replies will no longer include your tag.

Twitter has been stepping up its feature set recently to help stamp out abuse on the platform, so to see this feature roll out is no surprise. Twitter has said that the goal for this feature is to, “help users remove themselves from unwanted attention.”

We couldn’t agree more, the feature is now available across all platforms, including iOS, Android, and Twitter for the web.


Well that is us signing off for another month and of course, you can be sure we will be back next month with our next social media news update. Until then, remember to get out there and enjoy the summer weather, it’s too easy to get locked to that laptop, we know!

If you want to dig further into our wealth of social media marketing expertise, then pop through to our blogs section. See you next time!