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Social Media News Roundup February 2024

Social Media News Roundup July 2023

Time for another dose of social media news from Giraffe, from Threads to Instagram’s plans to integrate more AI elements across its platform it’s been an interesting month in social media. So sit back, relax and have a scroll.

Meta’s Threads App Reaches 100 Million Members in Record Time

Meta’s Threads app has reached 100 million members in just over a month, making it the fastest-growing app of all time. The app, which was launched on June 8, 2023, is designed to be a more intimate and personal way for people to connect with their close friends and family.

Threads allows users to share photos, videos, and Stories with a select group of people. The app also includes features like disappearing messages and read receipts, which give users more control over their privacy.

Meta has not released any data on how many of Threads’ 100 million members are active. However, the app’s rapid growth suggests that it is resonating with users who are looking for a more private and secure way to communicate with their close friends.

Threads is one of a number of new social media apps that have been launched in recent years in an attempt to capitalize on the growing demand for privacy. Other apps in this space include Signal, Telegram, and Wickr.

It remains to be seen whether Threads will be able to maintain its momentum in the long term. However, the app’s early success suggests that it is tapping into a growing need for privacy and security among social media users.

If you are looking for a more private and secure way to communicate with your close friends, then you may want to check out Threads. The app is still in its early stages, but it has the potential to become a major player in the social media space.

Twitter, (X) Previews Updated Tweet Detail Display

In other social media news, Twitter or should we now say X is testing a new way to display tweet details, which could make it easier for users to see and interact with the content. The new format, which is currently being tested with a small group of users, features a more streamlined design with fewer titles and descriptions.

The new tweet detail view also introduces an option to sort your tweet replies, which could make it easier to scan through relevant comments based on engagement, time, etc.

Twitter has been experimenting with different ways to display tweet details for some time. In 2021, the company tested a new format that featured a larger preview of the tweet’s media, as well as a more prominent “Reply” button. However, this format was not well-received by users, and Twitter eventually reverted to the old design.

It is unclear whether the new tweet detail view will be rolled out to all users. However, the fact that Twitter is testing the format suggests that the company is still looking for ways to improve the way tweets are displayed.

Here are some of the key changes to the new tweet detail view:

  • The number of titles and descriptions has been reduced.
  • The “Reply” button has been made more prominent.
  • There is now an option to sort your tweet replies.

The new tweet detail view is still in the testing phase, so it is possible that some of these changes may be made before the format is rolled out to all users.

What do you think of the new tweet detail view? Do you think it is an improvement over the old format?

Instagram Experimenting with a Range of Generative AI Elements

Instagram is reportedly experimenting with a range of generative AI elements, including new sticker tools and visual editing features.

The social media platform has been working on generative AI for some time, and it has already released some limited features, such as the ability to create AI-powered avatars. However, the new experiments suggest that Instagram is planning to integrate generative AI more deeply into its platform.

One of the new features that Instagram is reportedly testing is a generative AI sticker tool. This tool would allow users to create custom graphics based on text prompts. For example, a user could type in “a sunset over the ocean” and the sticker tool would generate a graphic of a sunset over the ocean.

Instagram is also reportedly working on generative AI tools that would enable users to remove or replace elements of their uploads within the creation process. One tool, called “AI brush,” would allow users to replace parts of their image, using generative AI to fill in the gaps. Another tool, called “AI crop,” would allow users to crop their images in a way that preserves the content of the image, even if the crop is drastic.

These new generative AI features could have a significant impact on how people use Instagram. They could make it easier for users to create visually appealing content, and they could also help users to edit their content in more creative ways.

It is still unclear when Instagram will release these new features to the public. However, the fact that the company is testing them suggests that it is serious about integrating generative AI into its platform.

That just about wraps things up for us for the month, be sure to head on over to our blogs section for a huge library of content to help you beef up your social media marketing knowledge, we will see you next month for more.