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Social Media News Roundup: July ’18 Week 1

In social media news this week, Facebook lets its users archive their shared Stories, Instagram also adds to its Stories feature with a musical twist and Snapchat aids those in need…of getting rid of their embarrassing sent snaps and messages.
Archive Your Day in Stories

Like its post-sharing counterpart, Facebook has finally given users the ability to archive the photos and videos they share to their Stories. Instagram was originally given this feature last year, so users didn’t have to save directly to their camera roll if they didn’t want to. All you have to do is archive the post and you can scroll through your past stories as much as you like (without all those automatically saved from Whatsapp images getting in the way). It’s a great feature for those that want to reuse the content is a few months’ time – we think this concept may be a big push for brands to start using Stories to advertise and promote their services.

It’s an Instagram Musical…

Instagram has been bringing music to people’s ears this month with its new addition to the Stories feature. Users that share their post can now also share a track from Instagram’s database along with it. All you have to do is click the music icon sticker, then choose from a selection of songs sorted by mood, genre and artist. The singer or band is also accredited so you don’t have to worry about any copyright issues either and you can even pick what part of the song plays with your post. That’s right, Instagram Stories are about to hit a whole new level of Beyoncé.

Snap Back Those Embarrassing Messages

Your prayers have been answered. Snapchat has added a new feature to its app that lets you unsend the message you just sent. The new tool called ‘Clear Chats’ means you can remove the message or snap you just sent, even if the other person has seen it. As long as both users’ apps are up-to-date, then as soon as an embarrassed user clicks delete on a message, they should be safe. Now we’re all just waiting for Facebook and Messenger to get on board…then we can say goodbye to embarrassing messages altogether – phew!