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Social Media News Roundup: July ’18 Week 3

In social media news this week, Facebook makes ads mobile, Instagram reaches into the realms of social media past and Pinterest helps groups out.
Ads on the Go

This week Facebook has announced an update to its Ads Manager feature, which lets users create and advertise from their mobile. With more and more apps optimising their features for mobile device use, it makes sense that Facebook and all its extensions should do the same.

The new tools will let those wanting to make advertisements edit and crop pictures, create text overlays and templates and even add shapes and stickers onto the images too. This will make ads manager a lot easier for those with busy schedules as people can upload, check their text overlay will coincide with Facebook’s policies and even add colour filters while on their commute to work or tucked up in bed.

Instagram’s Blast from the Past

Do you remember those Facebook statuses – the ones with the ‘Like this and I’ll comment what I like about you’ or ‘Ask me a question and I’ll send you the answer’? It appears Facebook hasn’t forgotten with its new feature on Instagram Stories that allows users to apply a sticker to their images that asks their followers to question them. People can now, kind of, have a conversation in Stories on a question and answer basis. Followers can ask the user that shares the sticker on their story a query, and the user can answer it on another image that gets uploaded afterwards. The question sticker can be customised and changed, and responses are only limited to the amount of time the story is up. The questions can be asked anonymously and are only the start of more interactive stickers on Instagram Stories. It’ll be interesting to see what dark and ancient social media trend Instagram pulls out of the past and updates next – please let it not be Piczo.

No Party Like a Pinterest Party

It’s been a while since we heard from the world of Pinterest, but they’ve come back with a bit of a bang. Pinterest have expanded their group boards to have their own feeds, which keep an eye on all the changes in the group. If a member adds a pin or creates something new, it’ll show up in the designated activity feed.

Members of the group will also be able to communicate and have conversations that only they can see. Users will also be able to mention others and like their comments. It’s a great tool for those looking to collaborate and bring their work group closer together as people are a lot more likely to see what’s going on in the group board.