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Social Media News Roundup: July ’18 Week 4

In social media news this week, Instagram adds a green light to show users when you’re active, Twitter helps users to multitask with watching videos and reading tweets and Facebook turns its attention to chips…not the French fry kind.
Fitzgerald Did Warn Us About the Green Light…

Sometimes it seems like all of the social media platforms are plotting against us…or at least trying to ruin friendships and relationships. Instagram has announced a new feature in the form of a little green dot. This little indicator appears next to a person’s Instagram profile picture if they are online too. It will show up in the direct messaging feature or when you try to share a post with your active friend. The feature only works if you have already spoken to that user before, so this could be an extension of Facebook’s ‘reconnect with your friends’ plan.

However, it could also make Instagram a dangerous place if you’re in the middle of a feud and do not want a certain someone knowing you’re online and active. As Instagram continue adding new features, it seems there’s no escaping that ‘Active Now’ status or green light and we must all accept our fate as a modern day Great Gatsby – just one that’s hiding from the fluorescent glow instead.

Twitter Wants You to Multitask

Twitter is helping users multitask on its platform this week, with a new feature that will stick videos to your screen as you continue to scroll down the social media site. The feature is easy to use as all a user has to do is click a ‘dock’ option when watching the video full screen to make it accessible as you continue to read tweets. Then when you’ve had enough, all you have to do is swipe the video away to remove it from your screen.

Facebook’s Local Chippy

Facebook is turning its social media giant head to technology this week as the platform wants to move into the computer hardware market and start making their own chips (and no, they’re not moving into the fast food industry). Of course, this would put them far ahead in the social media game and start aligning them with bigger organisations such as Google and Apple. What they plan on using the chips for hasn’t been announced yet, but some have suggested it could be a step towards their new AI ventures.