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Social Media News Roundup: June 2019

In social media news this month, Facebook lets you ‘sleep’ instead of replying to messages, Instagram enters the world of stop-motion and Twitter works on live-streaming…your voice.
Facebook Gives You the Option to Snooze

Facebook is helping busy professionals this month with a new feature for Messenger. The feature is designed for those who get a lot of messages through the app, or even individuals who just want to take a break from receiving notifications.

The ‘Snooze’ feature, works just like the one on your alarm in the morning. You simply turn it on, and it will deflect a message when it first arrives in your inbox. Then it will send you a reminder in one hour to reply to it. It’s great for people who’s businesses get very hectic on Facebook, especially if they’re associated with your own personal page.

The dismiss feature was being tested this week and it’s likely to be popular as it will allow you to answer messages in your own time…and stop that inbox piling up if you choose to originally ignore them!

Stop(motion) in the Name of Instagram

Instagram is working on a new tool for its Stories feature this month. The app hopes to let Instagram users create stop-motion videos. The test was only limited to ten frames, but it lets you record without actually taking a video. Stop-motion animation is a technique that brings inanimate objects to life.

This is a great step for creativity on the app for users and advertisers and you do not have to be a pro at stop-motion to understand it. Instagram does all the hard work for you and will adjust accordingly so it doesn’t look like an amateur video! This is great for businesses that want to try their hand at different content to showcase their products or services!

Go Live With Your Voice on Twitter

Twitter has now let users go live on the app, but with a unique twist – it’s audio only! You simply have to tap the camera button, go live and allow users to join. At the moment you can have a live audio stream with up to three guests. That’s perfect for any customer Q&As or special guests you want to interview.

The social media site wanted to give people the chance to express themselves, through voice. It will be interesting to see their next steps in the live stream world.