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Six Tips for Repurposing Content to Impact More Networks

Six Tips for Repurposing Content to Impact More Networks
1. Repurpose snippets and quotes as social media posts
2. Create feature graphics
3. Create an infographic
4. Do a live webinar/Q&A on the subject
5. Create video tutorials or an ongoing podcast on your weekly content
6. Amalgamate content into whitepapers and how-to guides
Every piece of content you produce has the capacity to have an impact on multiple social networks; it’s all about repurposing content. This is one of the simplest ways to increase your campaigns’ capacities for engagement and success. And it’s one we just don’t take enough advantage of.

The content we produce is often a lot more versatile than we give it credit for. While it might seem that all you have is an article on a specific subject, in reality you have the groundwork of a theme. Aspects of your blog content can and should be drawn out, teased apart and remodelled to create different post types and features. That is what’s known as repurposing content. And it doesn’t just have to be for anything new you write – these concepts can just as easily be applied to your old evergreens too.

It’s important to note that there is little point in spending too much time repurposing content that is  about finite news. It works better in the short term, especially if you are looking for large scale promotion in one go. Evergreen content is simply any type of content that doesn’t expire in relevancy. It should be something that is continually relevant and useful for readers.

Repurposing content has the added effect of reaching a new audience. When you decide only to focus on one particular style you inadvertently limit your reach to a particular subset of your target audience. This is simply because, while each industry and business will likely have a preferential network, different styles of content will be more visually appealing to each different person.

Repurposing content helps give your blog articles the maximum amount of promotional chances for success. The more, quality original posts you create, the higher the likelihood of gaining unique hits on your blog and the bigger the benefit to your digital marketing as a whole.

Repurpose snippets and quotes as social media posts

Repurposing quotes and snippets can be particularly useful for facts, figures and statistics. In fact, any textual snippet that is interesting and eye-catching should be used as a promotional technique on social networking. Influence more click-throughs to your blog from Twitter by leveraging those statistics as singular elements in tweets. When you do this, be sure to include a link through to the full article.

Create feature graphics

Take the above tip one step further by creating feature graphics as shareable, accessible highlights. This visual content not only performs far better on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but also allows users to take advantage of visual networks such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Create an infographic

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that anybody will truly read your content in its entirety. By consolidating all of your findings into an accessible, visual medium like an Infographic you make it easier for users to digest. These perform particularly well on Pinterest, and also look great as an additional feature on your article itself.

Do a live webinar/Q&A on the subject

We’re living in the era of Live. No longer do businesses have to invest in expensive equipment to broadcast live on a subject. Periscope and Facebook Live make it incredibly easy for brands to repurpose their content as a Q&A, webinar or expert advice session.

Create video tutorials or an ongoing podcast on your weekly content

One type of content that performs better than straight-up visual is video. If you are considering starting out on YouTube then a great place to start is by repurposing your weekly content into tutorials. Obviously, to be successful a change of tone will likely be required. Alternatively, an audio podcast can be a great way to develop your digital marketing – you already have yourself some written content to use, just one or two tweaks and you can get going.

Amalgamate content into whitepapers and how-to guides

A great way to repurpose content, albeit one that can take a little more time, is to amalgamate a selection of articles on different aspects of the same theme into one singular whitepaper or e-book. These resources can be particularly useful tools for building your email marketing database. Make them useful and high quality and your audience will happily sign-up to your newsletter in order to receive them.

If you need any help with your content marketing or want to know more information on repurposing content, get in contact today.