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Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups – How To Use Them For Business

Long gone are the days Facebook groups were solely used to discuss films with fellow fans. The feature has now been utilised by businesses to reap the benefits that come with building a community on the platform.

Facebook groups can be a huge advantage to businesses, especially when done correctly. Here’s our Giraffe guide on Facebook groups and how to use them for your company:

What are Facebook Groups?

Facebook groups can be created straight from your company’s business page, so they’re directly linked. This means you can post into the group as an admin. It’s similar to posting on your Facebook page, but to a more limited and direct audience. It’s interacting with users, but on a much smaller and personal level.

There are different options for your Facebook groups in terms of privacy too. This lets you decide whether you want to make it a public, closed or secret group. With a group listed as public, anyone can find the group, see who’s in it and what everyone posts. A closed group means anyone can find it, if they search for it, and can see who runs the page. However, they can only see who’s in it and who’s posting if they join it and become a member. Finally, the last option is a secret group. In this privacy type, only members can find the group, see who’s in it and what everyone posts.

Facebook Groups

Facebook have listed the full privacy settings for groups on their website here, in case you want more information!

You can also select questions for people to answer that want to join your group too. This means you can dilute your audience even further down to what you want it to be. For example, if you were a fashion brand that wanted to open up a forum on a specific range of your products, e.g. handbags, then you can ask people ‘What is your favourite handbag from our range?’ This will make sure people that are joining the group will be appropriate for the topics discussed and the products shown.

Along with the privacy, you can also select what kind of group you’d like yours to be. There’s a lot of different options to pick from, so you have to make sure you’re going with the type that best suits your brand. Some types will allow you to have more special features on your page, like the ‘Buy and sell’, ‘Video games’ and ‘Social learning’ selections.

Facebook Groups

If you need more help on setting up a Facebook Group, or want more of an understanding of group types and settings, you can read our more in-depth blog article ‘How to Build A Community Using Facebook Groups’ here.

What are the Benefits of Facebook Groups?

Facebook groups can help you build a community. They can be used to cultivate new customers and build relationships with previous clients, while keeping the tone friendly and fun. They are a place for members to come to discuss and vent if they want to. It’s a safe zone for complaints and negative feedback, which can help improve and evolve your business. You have to make sure the group is a free place to talk and share, while still making it fun too!

What Can You Do in Facebook Groups?

Facebook lets you set rules in your Facebook groups from the start, so that members are aware of what they can and can’t post in the group. For example, you may want to prohibit bad language, certain taboo topics or even people talking about your competitors’ products. Anything you deem inappropriate should be put in the rules list, so people have an idea of what will get them kicked out of the group.

Also, you can post a lot of different things into Facebook groups. However, it’s important to avoid anything too salesy or spam your audience with news about your company – unless it’s interesting or vital.

Facebook groups have the same types as normal posts in the social media platform, but also have a few extra features too. For example, in normal Facebook polls you can only select two options. However, for polls in Facebook groups, you can have more! This is really useful if you want to get feedback or an understanding from your members on a product or service.

PostPlanner lists these useful six ways of using Facebook Groups to market your business:

  1. Provide Value for Your Customers
  2. Discuss Current Events
  3. Building Your Community
  4. Communicate with Brand Ambassadors
  5. Promote Events
  6. Strengthen Your Team

It’s a short but powerful list. Keep it short, snappy and intriguing. Be on brand where you have to be but use your Facebook group to let your business’s hair down a little. Post interesting facts about your company or team and encourage your members to share their own stories! Get to know your audience more, so you can appeal to them on your normal company page too.

How Can You Build A Community?

Keep your posts into your Facebook group fresh, varied and interactive. Vary up your post types as much as possible and encourage people to get involved. Share your Facebook group to your main business page and ask your audience to join it, along with why they should become a member. For example, you may say that in the group you offer tips on house maintenance, or you discuss topics of politics more substantially. It all depends on what your brand has to offer and if a Facebook group community would benefit from that. On top of this, you could also use Facebook advertising to promote a post that links to your group.

Stay in The Loop

Facebook groups can also be useful for businesses to join. This way you can stay on top of news in your industry and keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.

You can find out more about Facebook’s features for businesses in our article here. Alternatively, if you’d like help managing your Facebook ads, or Facebook group, get in contact with us today!