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Social Media News Roundup: May ’18 Week 2

In social media news this week, Facebook tries to get back to the top of its game with new features that emphasise its original values like communication and transparency and Snapchat prolongs its advertisements.
Slow down Zuckberberg!

If last week’s news wasn’t Facebook orientated enough for you, then this week’s certainly will.

Facebook is dominating social media news, with updates to both the site and its Messenger feature, so prepare yourself for a very Facebook-esque week.

Firstly, Facebook is rolling out its ‘downvote’ feature to more users, meaning the green light is almost being lit on the update (if only Gatsby was around to see it…too soon?). The new tool is supposed to help users decide what they want on their timeline and offer individuals more control over what they like on their news feed and what they’re not interested in. Users can upvote what they find useful and downvote things they don’t – it’s one step closer to that dislike button people have been begging for, for years. Comments can be downvoted, so they are less likely to be seen – if deemed by Facebook negative in review, they will be removed. This is Facebook’s step up to Fake News and online hate crime – Twitter welcomes you to the battle.

Clear Your History

Furthermore, Facebook is working on a ‘Clear History’ feature, that will work similarly to how people can clear their history from web browsers. The idea is that users can clear everything they’ve searched, clicked through to or played on the site or app to protect privacy and depersonalise their next Facebook session. It’s very useful for those that don’t want their Facebook history on show for the world and Facebook to see, but not so good if they enjoyed how every advertisement was that cute jumper they were going to get their cat.

Back to Basics

Finally, as well as working on its Mother site, Facebook has also turned its attention to Messenger. The company has deemed the app cluttered and now a bit confusing, with new features and updates smothering the core of what Messenger was built for – communication with friends. Facebook has vowed to be returning to basics, but with cool added features like translation and an optional ‘dark’ skin.

Snapchat Does the Unskippable

Just to mix things up a little, there is also news from Snapchat…but it isn’t necessary good, for ordinary users anyway. The app is set to roll out six-second advertisements and has apparently been testing them out this week. Six seconds may seem like a short time in theory, but when you’re trying to watch your best friend drink cocktails in Marbella while you’re sat on the sofa watching daytime television, it might seem like a lifetime. Also, did we mention, they could potentially be unskippable? Dramatic music, please…