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Social Media and the Medical Industry

Doctors’ surgeries and social media may seem like a strange combination to some, but GPs are taking social platforms to new heights and using the sites to promote the medical industry, physical and mental health and wellbeing for their patients and audience.
Proceed with Caution

Social media for surgeries could be risky – GPs have to be sensitive and post appropriate advice. A negative post or comment could damage the doctor’s reputation, so most doctor surgeries tend to play it safe when posting online.

Live Surgeries on Snapchat

However, some surgeons have been sharing their operations live on Snapchat. It is useful for those that are scared – patients will know exactly what is going to happen to them during their surgery and the videos may help to put their minds to rest. It also shows the skill of the doctors performing the operation as you can see the success of the procedure. Therefore, it’s not only great for those that want to see gruelling footage that certainly isn’t for the faint hearted, but also gives recognition to the surgeons and nurses involved. Medical work is phenomenal, and doctors deserve the credit for the amazing acts they perform.

The doctor that has been live streaming his operations has confirmed that the patients give consent and the footage is also used for training others. You never know, the videos on social media could inspire others to want to study medicine and do the incredible work themselves.

Some doctors even have Instagram profiles with photos of them in their scrubs and in their daily life. Doctor Mike has almost three million followers on the social media site and has perfectly balanced his medical life and work with everyday activities and cute dogs to make an amazing feed. There are also doctors using Twitter to share their blog articles on medical advice, advances and research and useful information.

Building A Community

Social media helps build a community and creates a place for people to go when they’re worried and health is a big concern for the majority of individuals. A surgery must be transparent and honest about their services with their audience – GPs must always be attentive to Facebook messages, comments on posts and direct tweets. Facebook communities show people they’re not alone, especially in troubled times. Social media helps to remind us that everyone is going through the same, or at least similar, struggle.

Articles and posts are also extremely useful tools to help people take care of themselves, without having to attend an appointment. A doctor’s social media should be an extension of their work and the surgery. Medical professionals should use social platforms to interact with patients, but also share advice and enlightening information that will benefit individuals’ health. For example, tips on protecting your skin from the sun could be useful to people during the summer months.

The medical profession seems such an unlikely industry to be successful on social media, but with the right mix of informative articles, community and sensitivity, surgeries and doctors can use social platforms to elevate their work and services.