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Social Media News Roundup: November 2019

In social media news this week, LinkedIn adds two new language translations to its site, Facebook wants your feedback in return for cash rewards, and Facebook launches a new app for Instagram that competes with rival TikTok.
The Languages of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a global social media platform, so they’ve been adding to their language translations this week. LinkedIn has introduced two new language translations this month for members who want a smoother experience on their platform. LinkedIn announced, ‘Introducing two new settings that allow you to input all the languages you understand and do not want to be offered translations for, as well as being able to define which language you would like all content translated into.’

This means you do not have to manually translate and keep clicking your language in the translation bar via your browser. You can modify your language preferences in your settings, so if a member has LinkedIn in English but they see a post in Spanish – the post will be automatically translated accordingly.

Facebook want your Viewpoint for Money

Facebook want your feedback and they’ll give you rewards for it! This month the social media platform has launched a Facebook Viewpoints app and all you have to do is sign up to start answering the site’s survey questions. Facebook even tells you what the survey and questions will consist of and what they will use the data for – that’s full transparency! Facebook will give you points for your feedback, which convert into money!

Facebook and Instagram go head to head with TikTok

Instagram has been taking on new rival TikTok this month with their own version of the newly popular video app. Facebook have called it Reels and it allows users to film fifteen second clips that they can share to their Instagram Story. The option will appear along Boomerang on the Stories screen, and users can select music to match the video they’re about to share too.

Maybe most similar to the TikTok app, Instagram will have a Top Reels section in the Explore section on the app – this gives users the chance for their videos to go viral! It will be interesting to see what other features Instagram Reels have to rival their competition and if it will be successful. Instagram Stories was a massive triumph against Snapchat’s format, so we will just have to wait and see!