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Social Media News Roundup: September 2018

In social media news this month, Instagram improves on its desktop version and hashtag features, Facebook opens its arms to dating and Twitter tests the upvote and downvote options.
From Mobile to Desktop

September has been a busy month for Instagram as they have introduced new features to their Shopping, Direct Messaging and Desktop version of the app.

However, one of the most important steps the app has taken this month is the improvements to its desktop version. Instagram has taken another step away from being just another ‘mobile’ only app as it has developed its desktop version with in-browser notifications. That’s right, you could be checking your friends’ Facebook posts, replying to emails or messaging your group chat on WhatsApp, but if someone followers you or likes your image on Instagram, you’ll get a notification on your laptop or computer. It’s a super nifty feature for those that want to still be connected to the app while working or typing away.

Hidden Hashtags

Instagram has also turned its attention to its hashtags this month by looking at ways people can use them without them showing up in the caption or comments. This feature would tidy up user’s posts and make brands and business profiles look more professional, while still generating the engagement and reach adding all those hashtags onto your image or video normally would. The new way to hashtag is currently in testing and a couple users have had a glimpse of the new feature, which comes up just before you press ‘Share’.

Single; Taken; Facebook Dating

For those who haven’t found what they’re looking for, Facebook Dating has finally entered the world. It makes sense as Facebook knows pretty much everything about you – your interests, what you do at weekends, what countries you’ve visited and who your friends are. The Facebook Dating feature has been designed to manufacture long-lasting relationships, rather than connecting people for the short-term. At the end of September, the new dating feature was released in Columbia. Facebook Dating will stand alone from Facebook so you’re safe from your friends’ prying eyes and there are limitations on how many people you can interact with a day.

Twitter’s Up and Down

Twitter has been testing the upvote and downvote feature on their site this month as this new way to like or dislike items becomes increasingly more popular among social media platforms. The idea is you’ll still be able to retweet, but the ‘like’ button will be replaced by the two new ways to interact. This is another bid for Twitter’s rebellion against fake news and misleading information – if a tweet is downvoted, we imagine less people will start to see it and your feed will start to align with what you deem positive and negative.